anon goes to game stop. . File: -( 84 KB, 330x248, stora_ Gamestop. jpg} An aninymous (19/ 8/ 1 3( Sun) 23: 20 No. 29 Replies: 3200000254 32000 00170 3200000041
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anon goes to game stop

File: -( 84 KB, 330x248, stora_ Gamestop. jpg}
An aninymous (19/ 8/ 1 3( Sun) 23: 20 No. 29 Replies: 3200000254 32000 00170 3200000041 3200000001 32000 07254 32000 00000 3200000000 3200000000 3200010020 02200014004 3200010170 3200020004 22200021000 3200024200 3200000012
awalk into gamestop
200010 slam shut behind me, blowing a gentle breeze through
the cashier, each step echoing between the shelves and game cases as I in slow motion
Mum to my side, draw my finger pistols, and click pm at a girl
sherface red, she giggles
backwards with my other hand, turn to the girl my right and hex my rippling abs
aha puts her hand her mouth and turns to , both blushing and smiling to each other
gspot notarget at the far end ofthe store, a foxy girl cash register
squicken my pace, as I meurthe register she turns around and notices I' m there
quiggles and smiles at me, "hihi, how would I- uhoh help Wu today?"
simile at her, like to Preorder a of GTA five"
sesure, that' ll be 59. 99 paulus tax"
a small scrap of paper the desk, tip my sleek sunglasses down, and with a wink say "I hope that' ll be enough"
at the paper
mmy phone number is written it
awyeah that' s sounding Miner."
good, then ifyou dorfs mind Ne got other matters to attend to"
vas I' m walking out the door she yells to me "thanks forthe number!"
310 , and turn to face her, with a tip of my fedora I tell her
agirl mints right where sha' s standing
******* Gamestop
I‘ Anonymous () 23: 24
everybody walks the dinosaur
I‘ Anonymous () 23: 24
Anonymous ( 8/ 1 3( Sun) 23: 25 90 95359 Replies: 02299992231 0229999939? 0229991 1 ( 02299913314 0229991 4718 02299922292 02299922931 02299923219
File: KB, 250x250, )
skiving your number to a girl
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Submitted: 09/09/2013
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User avatar #1 - thanesyrdahl (09/09/2013) [+] (1 reply)
[cringing intensifies]
User avatar #4 - iamrickjames (09/09/2013) [-]
Now let's see if this can get one green pinky
#6 - vidyagaems ONLINE (09/09/2013) [-]
Gee thanks for highlighting the spoiler so we can see what he said.....oh wait.
User avatar #2 - iamrickjames (09/09/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I was browsing /v/ when I stumbled upon this thread. Couldn't resist screen capping thiscringe worthy tale.
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