How to defend against woman.. Exactly as it says. Not mine, source is a 4chan thread.. that be attacked 'h' ' rela" gander_ . ' Reva' ttr. shlt. . : ssense. . w women Fight
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How to defend against woman.

How to defend against woman.. Exactly as it says. Not mine, source is a 4chan thread.. that be attacked 'h' ' rela" gander_ . ' Reva' ttr. shlt. . : ssense. . w

Exactly as it says.

Not mine, source is a 4chan thread.

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that be attacked 'h' ' rela" gander_ . ' Reva'
shlt. . : ssense. . welle' reasons.
ran' e
thesaurus thing. '
She has been taught from youth to arm Many Wm gum. of my hair. I
at your testicles. and she is quite smug A. ' Where you we the hair. the head must go. ".
about mat having a pair herself. 41 . This hard and attractant: hurt and disorient. , '
s. '"" - g’ ah - . wede"' - have much thinner muscle mass and weaker bones.
er E =-"'"''' e. '"-s, thus_ weeker one and less grappling ability, A ground
33-’ .- _ - . f _ . fight aanother specialty. keep her hands
Striking the breasts can cause great . . q H off your genitals. squeeze may be escaped by
pain. even nausea and vomitting. They - tr e biting any of the numerous parts that stint: out, like ears.
Wilt turn blade and blue. and even - i t T breasts, mouth. and especially the nose. depending
leek milk when battered. The aim is (ll ll s.. ".,". .. on what is in reach.
to mm']".’ 55 the my glands ' i, . '. Though a woman with brag about her ovaries F. r
q the fatty tissue. This manuever works . . . . r
hast an “man has Humid but . l --- Ming tucked inside safety. the truth is that they 1
l Painful for all ' . . E-"' T___ - l can still be hurt bad enough to turn a tight, A I g
kick or a punch into the evades will produce the
kind of pain similar to the monthly visitor. A
that New may cause . bleeding. and
potentially impair her from having children. as
wall as causing nausea and vomitting. A
I lesser blow will impact the area in a manner
like one to the stomach, Replace stomach f
blows with trite monotone to deal greater
A damage. _
woman will go where her vulva is pulled. Did .
your fingers deep into the filthy vulva mound.
I squeeze them tightly together. and with e
twisting motion pull her. The clitoris is a
very sensitive we of flash near the top of
the genital slit, and 8 thumb pinch that
succeeds in mathing the whole mass at it
will cause a nasty pain. Aware! nail g
scraped inside the vagina will cause sf
profuse bleeding and pain, __,." q
1- The breasts may also be squeezed with
the nails to pull a woman around .
painfully. and the nipples may be pinched , .
into with the thumbs. The breasts may '
also be bitten. which is an excellent
response to a woman who squeezes
your genitals. The pain will ramp up
for biting through the Fat
hard and deep enough to reach the
tender milk titan's underneath. On a t
more endowed woman. crushing the y
nipples with the side teeth would , f
produce terrible eye?.:.
groin will compress the sensitive
area against the pubis bone. and can '
att, Sometimes a woman may discharge blood -
H pr hem her vagina, Become suddenly ill, orbs knocked out completely. Several '
f incidents of fatal groin kicks performed the women have been resented. tidbits a man' s
I testicles may be ruptured from a more kick. a Stuttgart' pelvic bone is more likely to break. l q l
J The vulva area is prone to severe bruning and tenderness alter trauma. and a strong blow is ,.
I‘ -E may cause lasting, stinging pains that are strong enough to keep her from sitting or enjoying I
t salt for days, weeks, or months. art by Tricky J
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The wrists are always quite bad if you put each hand on a persons wrists and hold really firmly, the more they struggle the more it hurts.

I never got into a fight but if I did I would try the stomp their foot and then punch their nose upwards thing. Or just running