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User avatar #63 - thelastamerican ONLINE (09/08/2013) [-]
Yeah, if the US weren't paying through the nose for the continental defense of Europe, providing an army for Japan, paying most of the UN operating budget, providing the UN a headquarters (Free of charge) and busying themselves with the tasks of being the world cop we could have free healthcare without any problem at all.
User avatar #75 to #63 - useroftheLOLZ (09/08/2013) [-]
Jesus titty twister christ, I know about the world cop, and continental defense of Europe, however, I know for a fact that right know, Japan has it's own army, it's just called the Japanese Defense Force, BUT, Are we really doing all that **** for the UN and Nato?
User avatar #80 to #75 - thelastamerican ONLINE (09/08/2013) [-]
I don't know about NATO, but the US pays for most of the UN's operating budget.
User avatar #101 to #80 - useroftheLOLZ (09/09/2013) [-]
As far as I know, Nato is funded by the UN
User avatar #108 to #101 - thelastamerican ONLINE (09/09/2013) [-]
It's kind of like the guy on the corner who takes advantage of every government program out there who sits in his chair all day watching his huge TV and eating drinking his beer being mad at the rich guy down the road who has just about everything he wants because he works for it. The assclown on the corner sits in his chair all day fuming about how the rich guy should do more for his community. Right, maybe if the guy on the corner would get a job and pay for his own **** everyone would be better off.

And this isn't a stab at people getting food stamps. This is a stab at anyone who's stopped looking for a job because it's just too haaaarrrrrrd. You want a job? I know a company that's always hiring because between expansion and people finishing their 6 months and quitting (That's how much you have to work to qualify for 100 weeks of unemployment) they need all the employees they can get their hands on. UPS

If you need a job, move your ass to KY and put in your application to work at UPS Worldport Louisville. You'll have a job in 3-4 months, and you can pay for an apartment off of the money you make there. On top of it all? If you want to go to school they will pay your tuition. AND They'll give you a $500 per semester bonus. I am sick and tired of hearing people who live in the same town as me complain about not being able to find a job. They're either too stupid to let live or they're lying. UPS will even hire you if you've got criminal convictions for christsake!

Alright, I'm off topic and I'm done ranting. Have a pleasant day.
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