To Jordanwethee, with love.. To a homophobic troll, with love <3<br /> (MAKE SURE TO ENLARGE!). W nowere age no a ewe age DEE ea . Wm ( just saying Gay troll whos in the closet and should come out
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To Jordanwethee, with love.

To a homophobic troll, with love &lt;3<br />

W nowere age no a ewe age DEE ea . Wm (
just saying that gay is still abnormal and GAY.
the only reasen that stuff is happening is because we fags hold we gay little protests and seems n: leek bad SC) they pass laws in spite of have they feel asset it... . A S . I
we fags panties in a bunch whenever does something to we because were all ever queers who are all like '_» r' should i care what people think D issuse
just game be rne... put really we guys are buttfags... ferien: l. and that is never gems change... eller. believe me _. 'tic,.'
345 - Strudel
l, uhuhuh...' knowwhere we lived id earns to "leer house with all myfriends. tie we down. and... r I _
fag For 5) trucker, ylno, be
the wasi, is me newfriend/'.
give we a short lessen an morals and sexual education to fagyour broken mind. untie we. give we the gayest hug of all time. and walk out feeling accomplished
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User avatar #2 - Goatmanlll (02/01/2011) [+] (3 replies)
Should be the slogan of all gay pride groups. "Penis Is Good"
#1 - AllYouEverKnew **User deleted account** (05/31/2010) [-]
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