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User avatar #7 - andrewzb (09/05/2013) [-]
i work at dominos. i am an always stoned delivery driver. the managers make the same thing everyone else makes. there are no raises at dominos. at least the one i work at. also it is ******* ridiculous that they would get a $5 raise. an extra 5 an hour would add up. this post is ********
User avatar #132 to #7 - TastyBurger (09/05/2013) [-]
It was probably $5 a week, not an hour.
User avatar #58 to #7 - kirkbot (09/05/2013) [-]
I have no idea about that kind job and how it's payed, but I was thinking maybe it's a 5$ raise on his weekly salary
User avatar #32 to #7 - tentaclebabe (09/05/2013) [-]
Hah, all my CSRs/drivers burn with me and my assistant. All day everyday at Dominos
User avatar #13 to #7 - raggedy (09/05/2013) [-]
I'm an assistant manager at Domino's and I make 1.25 more an hour than first level employees. I dunno what's up with your work place but as far as I know it's supposed to be that way. Also store managers make a salary. You might want to check into that, it sounds to me like you guys are getting ripped off.

But yeah, the five bucks more an hour thing is a bit shady.
#30 to #13 - gewehr (09/05/2013) [-]
hah.... you're an assistant manager and they only pay you 1.25 more than the regular workers.... sorry but that's ****** of Dominos.
User avatar #288 to #30 - raggedy (09/06/2013) [-]
Yeah, I don't get paid enough to deal with the idiots I deal with. But being an assistant manager at Domino's isn't really anything special when you've got like four of them at one store. All you have to do is go to "manager" classes and then get "signed off as a manager" after taking a drug test. It's all a big rip off.
#20 to #13 - AnonymousTheGreat (09/05/2013) [-]
Was at Domino's for 7 years. After the minimum wage went to $7.25, the driver's pay was set in stone. Nobody got a raise. Nobody. Our insiders made between $7.25-$10. $10 was top pay for insiders that used to be a GM. GMs made salary with bonus. I worked for a large franchisee in the southeast. Pretty sure corporate is similar, with slightly higher per hour wages. Also, I would routinely receive $5-$10 tips. Hated the people that thought $5 was being generous. Do they not look at the ******* gas prices?

TL;DR - This post is ******** - $5 tip is nothing special.
User avatar #289 to #20 - raggedy (09/06/2013) [-]
Now almost no one makes more than 9.50 an hour in our franchise. Not even third level assistant managers. It's ridiculous. And we aren't allowed to work overtime.

$5 is pretty much the average tip at our store. It's not really considered "bad" but it isn't "amazing" either.

Domino's just kind of sucks in general. I like the food though.
User avatar #295 to #289 - AnonymousTheGreat (09/07/2013) [-]
I like the job, but hated the company. The only incentive they have to offer is to become a manager to make more money. That's just not for everyone. I made decent money working full time. I took about 75-100 deliveries a week at about a $4 average tip plus hourly. It wasn't bad at all.
User avatar #46 to #20 - Mumford (09/05/2013) [-]
You think $5 is bad for a tip. I'm from the UK and when I worked there it was maybe 50/50 that you'd ever get a tip and the average tip was probably £1.50/$2.34. Since petrol here is about 1.30 per liter it was pretty horrific and our delivery range was 14 miles.
User avatar #252 to #46 - greedtheavaricious (09/05/2013) [-]
Petrol prices are about 1,50-1,80 in € here in germany.
User avatar #40 to #20 - Timmietim (09/05/2013) [-]
Your gas prices are still a ******* lower than here.
User avatar #33 to #20 - bible (09/05/2013) [-]
M-May I ask.....does uh, what happens when you get no tip...?

#82 to #33 - anonymous (09/05/2013) [-]
He gets raped by ******* for money to be able to get back home.
User avatar #8 to #7 - ssjkirby (09/05/2013) [-]
Maybe $5 to his weekly paycheck?
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