They were right. . were right. " j,. Oh no! I tried it at home! Damn will i ever listen these are tags b
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#4 - solarisofcelestia (09/04/2013) [-]
Oh no! I tried it at home!
Oh no! I tried it at home!
User avatar #1 - completeaddiction **User deleted account** (09/04/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I bet you didn't even write the results...
User avatar #6 - ngrbby (09/05/2013) [-]
In hindsight it was a really bad idea to try the water/oil kitchen fire at home.
User avatar #5 - urbancohort (09/04/2013) [-]
that's a nice way to prank your family. if you want to kill them too
User avatar #2 - reelbigking (09/04/2013) [-]
at least that bottom cupboard is okay
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