4chan. It's been too long since I've read this green-text. File: 169 KB, 2849x3474, Theady' . jpg) sbe me stile 16 shrew , introduced class skeet guy wha is an
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It's been too long since I've read this green-text

File: 169 KB, 2849x3474, Theady' . jpg)
sbe me
stile 16
shrew , introduced class
skeet guy wha is an asshole, let' s call him Shutout
tries ta start bullying me
sbe alpha and resist
stan' t make many friends, dent need them
Shutout bullies ether kids
spadde **** him up
where his lecker is
stait until wheel is ever, feller him heme frem a safe distance, unseen
skark dawn where he lives, GTFD
cut he tides hotshex, figure cut where his ice rink is, and what time he trains
sprend six months practically stalking that fuc k, making sure I dent get caught
leap cut where he is at any time, at all times
sehen pi ta phase two, buy a pineapple
sort a day I get eff earlier than he dues, bike his house and leave the pineapple at the deer
shis parents aint heme far hours, seen by nobady
3% tells maple abaut the pineapple , nobady cares
sawa weeks later, sneak a pineapple at the ice rink, in the men' s dressing mum
ppeople think he' s making it up
stuart buying a pineapple en a regular basis, always have it ready when oppotunity strikes
empty, pick his lecker and leave a pineapple
shis moterbike is , leave a pineapple
sale mention the pineapples ta anyine any mere
shigure cut where they keep his hame' s spare key
wheel, sneak inte his heme while his parents wok
sleave a pineapple en his bed
has failing classes
shis parents put up a security camera, I figure the blind spat and dodge that ****
ssend him a ******* pineapple tar Christmas through the mail frem a fake address
sale tokesn' t show up ta heel every day anymore
Indent even think abaut why I dc it any mere, its just far ***** and giggles new
seam bard that **** with tandem pineapples every few weeks far twp ******* years
year ends, finish heel
sth: ta college like a boss
Ingame back heme fer the holidays
solair sameone frem my eld had had a panic attack at the geekery stare
sys Shutout.
had left a fue king pineapple en the beer shelf
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Submitted: 09/02/2013
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#5 - dishesaredone (09/03/2013) [-]
what he went through
#1 - elijahcrazy ONLINE (09/02/2013) [+] (2 replies)
Seems fake, I had a giggle anyways.
Seems fake, I had a giggle anyways.
User avatar #2 to #1 - dubslao (09/02/2013) [-]
dont underestimate a man with time on his hands and nothing else to do
User avatar #4 - illustratorgirl (09/02/2013) [-]
My mum did that to me with garden gnomes and beetroot. Can't remember how it started, but for four years she would buy gnomes and beetroot and hide them around the house and in my room. I knew it was her but I am totally freaked out by gnomes and beetroot now.
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