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Chapter 18 Halloween Tricks

I am slightly" upset at potterwatch for damning yesterday' s post to never see the daylight again. In am lucky it won' t happen again but I don' t
count on it because todays chapter is FILLER gay, whoohoo, wait like DBZ, my hell nah niggah) This chapter does have some importance to it
but I needed to add some fluff around it so it wait a short and sudden event. Enjoy
1 want to hunt him down and give him multiple many paper cuts and then douse them in lemon lime price mixed in with the sweaty salt and more spicy peppers than Mexico has to
Chapter 18
Halloween Tricks
on its final day and all the Halloween decorations blossomed in their prime. Chris was surprised how many kids rang his houses
doorbell partrick retreating. He was told to hand out candy until twelve because thatwas when the Halloween party started. Chris actually
decided to not go to the party he and Holly double dated with Max and Sandra Taylor. Chris recognized perfrom the first Academy party he
went to.
So what is your ability?" Chris asked Sandra.
I can sense if someone has an ability and what class that ability is," she answered.
Class? As in the colors right?"
Yes, Max and Holly have blue aura radiating them and you just amaze me."
With the whole gold aura going on?” Chris asked circling an aura on him that he couldn' t see.
Yes I have never seen that aura it' s so, hmm, impressive to be blunt."
Well it has its perks but most of the time I find something wrong with it."
Well everyone has perks and discomforts with their abilities, but on underthings when did you and Holly get together? I must say I was
surprised to two got together afterword history with Max."
Funny story actually," Chris said, "Max and I had a period of time when we hated eachouther and Holly Max because of it so I made
my move. Then Max came to his senses and we became friends again."
More like you wanted to keep your profile clean by being friends with the guy who won the first game of Mam,” Max said.
Oh that' s right," Chris said rolling his eyes.
So how did you two get tegether?" Holly asked to Max and Sandra.
Well we started talking and then Max decided to ask me out," Sandra said.
That' s it," Chris said, "I thought itwould be more interesting than that, Max never just simply asks a girl he always does something more
seducing than that."
No he just asked if I would like to go on a date with him."
Max tell me this isn' t true."
It is," Max said.
We' re losing him," Chris said to Holly.
Maybe we should accept the change," Holly said.
I' m losing you too whats wrong with this world."
Oh shuttup," Holly said giving Chris a slight nudge.
Why didn' t I get an elaborate way of being asked out?” Sandra asked Max.
Chris said quietly to Max.
Am I not good enough for it? Is there something wrong with me?"
No, its just that l," Max was scrambling for something intelligent to say so he could climb out of this hole Chris had accidently dug.
les because he had a lot on his mind," Chris said quickly, "you know, with the Mam accident and all, plus every otherside he asked
someone out he never had to worry about telekinesis or a school that revolves around abilities. I' m surprised at how well he has coped to this
change; he must really like you to be able to ask you outwith everything that has happened to him. Isn' t that right, Max?"
Oh, of course, I have never had an incident that has caused me to foam out of the mouth like that."
I guess than understandable," Sandra said, she still wasn' t happy but she wasn' t going to push it any farther, itwas a double date after all.
They started eating food from a picnic basket they brought and started telling stories and jokes. Chris then heard a crunching sound. He
turned his head towards the noise and noticed a human like figure duck behind a tree."
Do you see that?" Chris asked the group.
Yeah, who was it?" Holly asked.
Then a tree meurthe figure blew up and all the splinters headed directly towards Chris. Chris made a wall of earth rise of him and he
herd soft thuds of the splinters. "Malcolm," Chris said threw gritted teeth. Chris was going to chase after him but then he vanished before Chris
could do anything. "When will that guy let it go, he knows we both can take him down yet he still attacks and for some reason it' s always me he
Well you did electrocute him," Holly said.
If he doesn' twant that to happen again I suggest him to leave us alone, let' s just hope he is smart enough to not attack us again so we can
finish this date."
Something must be wrong with us," Holly said.
Because we always have our dates interrupted, first Max then Malcolm."
Chris laughed, "Or maybe its people with M names."
That' s probably it, hey, it' s getting late we should probably head back."
Alright," Chris said, he picked up Holly and then shot through the air to her house. When he dropped her at and they said their goodbyes Chris
flew home even though the Halloween party was still going on.
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