Dumb ass criminals. . Wrong Person to Mug If were to ask we who the last yuan anyone should ever date to mug is, what name weu] d be your answer? This Ester is
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Dumb ass criminals

Wrong Person to Mug
If were to ask we who the last yuan anyone should ever date to mug is,
what name weu] d be your answer? This Ester is betting en Enid er better of
respondents answering, "Chuck Went.”
Amazingly, , two idiots managed to try just that, It happened in 1994.
Norris mentions this whole thing in his ,. v, "Against All Odds" And, by
his , this is what happened. Honest God, it really happened.
in 1994, right at the beginning ethis run as Walker, Texas Ranger, Norris was, and
still is, living in Dallas, Texas, where the shew was filmed. One day he was walking
down the street by himself, no entourage, net fans following him, no bodyguards,
not even his wife- He turned A com menial block in the , skyscraper area
and saw rtrt, men a little bigger than he whereing straight fer him hem the ether
end of the bleak.
They were staring right at aim, and he figured they wanted , whim he
enjoys signing. Sais he walk d up to them and stopped with a smile, whereupon they
steed in elbian, will} pied out a steeple enlarge pocketknives, and wane ofthem
demanded, "Give rue pour wallet, Cheek! Give it here!"
Norris actually : -med his mouth wide and then asked, "Ate we insane!?"
Nol We know who we are! And we know yen got a lot rd New give it up,
or yeu’ re dead!"
Now befire we further, let mint ever a few ofthe particulars, All joke;
aside, Chuck Nan's truly does have the following black belts: sst degree in Brazilian
teh Degree Grandmaster in The Kwon Do, tth degree in Jed Ilene De
under Bruce Lee and Lee' s best student, Dan inmate, degree in ***** Ryu
Karate, int}: degree in Tang Soo De, 11th degree in Chun kuk Do,
Granted, the last art is his eran concoction, a hybrid of all the best moves he has
learned ever the years, all blended for both self defense and competition, and we
are only alh: rset a 10th degree er better in anything when we feind your own
deje. But suffice to say, the niiggers didnt even use guns. From a hundred feet
away. They used knives within arms mash. What happened next was rather and
The police arrived about at minutes later. 3 emcees in turn ears. and were greeted by
the scene effing men with brolem arms [the bones had gene through
the skin) sitting en the burb, twe bloody knives in the gutter, and Cheek Nerds. the
Almighty Himself, leaning against the wall, wearing his beard, jeans, turkboy boots
and a hatcha shrugged at them, The Feline started laughing so hard that
they bent over, helding their sides, unable to put the handcuffs en the r: -taggers.
One of them managed to ask, "Did you net know who he wash?"
One of than said, "Yeah, we knew who he was! We figured all that map en TN'' was
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Didn't even care to look for sauce. Sounds like something he'd do.
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