enlarge. A thank you to newbrony who let me post this. 2 - newbrony Well then whys not, my "shy girlfriend meets meathead douchebag" "100% true story: me, obvio FUNNYJUNK greentext
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enlarge. A thank you to newbrony who let me post this. 2 - newbrony Well then whys not, my "shy girlfriend meets meathead douchebag" "100% true story: me, obvio

A thank you to newbrony who let me post this

2 - newbrony
Well then whys not, my "shy girlfriend meets meathead douchebag" "100% true story:
me, obviously, ‘I? year old meron
bthe only waal contribute to the school is that I' m SC) unlucky and clumsy and dumb eberyone finds it funny (at least I' m spared from epic bullying others like me experience}
a humongous crush en the most beautiful girl We ever seen, ‘" IEI no kidding, irresistibly cute and quiet as a dead fish.
his shit and decides the sitting order is fucked and mash us up en a whim, I end up sitting nexter her
started communicating with her in small short rasps.
F‘ . blike the girl in this story, she' s an amazing artist and SC) am Ito seme degree (because when I' m not sleeping befalling from my chairs draw during class), SC) we have this one thing to talk abaut
r I bowe weeks later she asks mete be her boyfriend in a most blunt, awkward manner, and i agree (what a twist}
b will dandy, I we her and I we hoping she wee me tee
bthis doesnt seem all dandy to the biggest redneck in eur class, apparently he made a metre en hertha first day ifschell and she stared at him in disgust er something, i dent really knowi heard it from other people
bhe obviously intends to breakage unspoken rule and slap my shit
I t , bl my chances of even landing a hit en him, with his Karate classes and my clumsy movements ma retarded elephant
bhe yells at me constantly and I endure it, but when he pulled her hair i flipped my shit as fury and braised ma white knight erupts in my fiery heart
bl try to punch him in the face
bit backfires, I miss him completely and epin fer a punch in the stomach
we girlfriend watches in horror, girls clase to us are screaming and the teacher is looking incredibly uninterested
bledel like dying
ouchebag grins in my face
blury explodes again
bl try to hit him with a chair, miss him and hit a wall
bleacher starts to notice something' s wrang
281 - newbrony H
Ci. . ". epic related, its howl imagine I must have Geeked
if '' I.‘ bleacher starts to notice something' s wrang
bhe tries to make the situation bearable
blairs, chaos all around
punches me in the face
l , ifthat and because I' m an idiot, Iglip a cheesy movie line
v'' You can never defeat me"
35- ... . bi realize I pissed him eff ayer reasonable boundaries new
bhe prepares fer a finishing blow, my life flashes befire my eyes
the quiet, shy girl I we mere than my life gives the deuche the slap ma lifetime
bhe stares
Everybody gees "."
bleacher gives up and just stands there like a dead tree
bthis display and undying we teaches the heart ma few guys whe douches
step to defend perfrom the meathead' s possible retribution
bhe rears like a chimpanzee
bin his undiscriminating rage he punches the person him
bite me
blake up in hospital, my mandibuzz is broken
b‘ feu cant imagine the pain
friends visit me and also the we of my life
brauche got a detention, she informs me
a few weeks, I' m getting out ofthe hospital
bl can again
bthe first thing that she does arterie meet is give me a pack
I we her
year, we' re still tegether, deuche returns to eur school
bhe' s looking at me with disgust and at hurwitz something I' d like to call fear
otheres again
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User avatar #2 - teqsutiljebelwij
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(09/01/2013) [-]
The second Skittles were mentioned I thought this would be some Trayvon BS joke ending.
#1 - brobathehutt
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(09/01/2013) [-]
"you can never defeat me"
I don't know why, and I tried not to, but I started laughing real hard when I read that and I couldn't stop...