Hardcore Parkour. Been replaying both these games this week and found this when looking for wallpapers.. NEE. Doesn't always work out
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Doesn't always work out
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Bitch Please
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For some reason those games' storylines could be related. Faith, the protagonist of Mirror's edge is actually coming from alternate future where Templars have won the struggle between them and Assassins. Therefore the people in this future became oppressed and constantly controlled (Assassins' Creed's Templars want to establish order trough oppression and control). So Faith would somehow travel to the past to help Assassins defeat Templars, prevent their rise to power and prevent the solar destruction of Earth.
Ubisoft and EA, start working!
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i cannot wait until mirror's edge 2, it's going to be so freaking great
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Game Theory: Surviving the Assassin's Creed Leap of Faith
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no ones talking about Mirror's Edge 2... sad face
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hrrrrnnggg stomach clench
hrrrrnnggg stomach clench
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stfu and do as i say
stfu and do as i say
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And then there's the one I edited
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i loved playing mirror's edge, it felt like the latest form of assassins
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Mirrors edge looks like a really cool and great game. For some reason I have a weird problem where I just cannot play a video game that has a female main character. I'm not sexiest, I don't think, But I just can't take the game seriously if I'm playing as a female character. I don't know what it is but I don't see the game the same way. Like I try putting it in the prospective of other games I enjoy, Prototype for example. I would not play that game if it had some super hot chick as the main character. Assassin's creed, Wouldn't be the same for me. I don't know am I sexiest?
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It might be you have trouble identifying with a female protagonist. Might be why you can watch a movie but not play games. A movie you're just watching but when you're playing a video game you are the character.

You're probably not sexist unless you can't play them because you think them having boobs stops them from being a hero.
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Anyone ever actually jumped from a high height into straw? Just an FYI, you will go the hospital. Did it when I was 12 from about 30 feet. You hit so hard and fast that the straw strands are as hard as iron pins and easily lance into you deep enough to be stopped by bone.
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Sick AC3 one
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