French guy. i am american and i love america this is just a joke<br /><br /> btw what frenchie says Stick figure lol french
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French guy

i am american and i love america this is just a joke<br /><br />
btw what frenchie says about ww2 is completely wrong okay it is a joke showing how french people hate us no matter what we do like liberating them from a facist gov.

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Submitted: 05/31/2010
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#93 - DowgJaw **User deleted account** (06/01/2010) [+] (3 replies)
As an American, I love America Jokes.

Q: What's the difference between America and Yogurt?
A: If you leave yogurt alone for 200 years, it will grow a culture.
#167 - notablackperson (06/01/2010) [-]
isn't it true that all french people carry little white flags with them at all times
#68 - BruceNorris **User deleted account** (06/01/2010) [+] (2 replies)
What's he doing in America if he hates it so much?
User avatar #88 - FuzzyBearCreature (06/01/2010) [+] (2 replies)
lol at first i thought it just said "this is a stick. no one moves, no one gets hurt"
#56 - anonymous (06/01/2010) [+] (2 replies)
Im American, but I live in China and goto an International school. for some reason I actually do hate lots of americans cuz that where all the fat retards come from (not saying all americans are them. its just where they come from.) also sense i goto an international school, most of the people that are dicks-- are from america. same with the asshole funnyjunkers. GOD! sometimes I hate the country and the assholes and people who make destruction in it! by the way- america has more people in jail than any other country. and in china- there is a murder like once or twice a month. in america... its every minute.
#58 to #56 - Seastone (06/01/2010) [-]
Well, except for the unrecorded murders of innocent political opponents of the Chinese government. Yeah, it's no wonder so relatively few Chinese are in jail- the government just gives them a bullet to the head instead of a jail sentence.

I never thought I'd hear someone actually argue China is a safer, more intelligent, and more humane place to live than the U.S., but I guess you get all the propaganda shoved down your throat over there. I almost pity you. Almost.
User avatar #33 - sircool (05/31/2010) [-]
i laughed at the dumb french mixing up history xD
User avatar #85 - ChinneseCat (06/01/2010) [-]
Thank you funnyjunk this is going in my history report
#64 - anonymous (06/01/2010) [+] (34 replies)
Just for the record, the Americans did not enter the second world war until it was "there problem". The Allies fought without them for 90% of the war, the Americans did NOT join until there was no way they could lose. I hate it when Americans think that they saved the British, or that they were the largest contributors to the second world war, but do you know who the real heros are? It's the Russians. American Casualties: Less than a half-million, British Casualties: 800,000, Russian Casualties: Almost 24 million. They practically won the war by themselves, but Americans give themselves the credit. How sad. :(
#71 to #64 - angelicamarie (06/01/2010) [-]
history lesson, shall we: the Americans did help a big contributing factor in World War II. Let's name American contributions.
-HiroShima. the end of the war. the bombing, despite it killed so many, saved Japan, because they weren't gonna surrender till the last man standing. ever heard of the samurai code?
-the ghost army
-iwo jima
-Battle of Guadal canal
-the philippines being saved
also take into consideration that percentage of people lost based on the casualties.
another rebuttal, the Russians, were losing so many because of lack of strategic combat.
and on top of all of that, LEARN TO TAKE A JOKE. this was all in jest, nothing serious. i'm a born american, raised by a brit and a filipino. so get a sense of humor, or gtfo
User avatar #1 - doctorhax (05/31/2010) [-]
How do you know where the teller is if you have a green sweater over your face
User avatar #175 - Quazar (06/01/2010) [-]
le fu-
User avatar #99 - deathedblack (06/01/2010) [-]
It's funny because the French guy didn't surrender straight away.
User avatar #18 - FJalltheway (05/31/2010) [-]
looks like that frenchie

Got fried
#200 - TheDezigner **User deleted account** (06/01/2010) [+] (1 reply)
thats not a french guy, whers his white flag?
#193 - Duckodile **User deleted account** (06/01/2010) [+] (3 replies)
Just wait until WWIII, the french will get the last'll see
User avatar #196 to #193 - omfglmao (06/01/2010) [-]
HAHAHAHAHA!... oh wait you're serious
User avatar #190 - abrakadabra (06/01/2010) [-]
lol the germans had ******* paris until amricans came and took it back for 'em.
User avatar #185 - DJSeth (06/01/2010) [+] (4 replies)
How the french population is divided
98% Gay
1% Tourist
1% good bands ex:Daft punk
User avatar #155 - Frenchboy (06/01/2010) [-]
That's a lie! French people don't do that! He can't be French!
If he was French, he would have just surrendered and given him the money, like any good Frenchie would do.
#38 - anonymous (05/31/2010) [+] (1 reply)
**** you america bends over backwards to save pussy nations like france and i dont think im a redneck for having some decent nationalism.
#41 to #38 - HTF **User deleted account** (05/31/2010) [-]
anon win
User avatar #59 - HelloJaki (06/01/2010) [+] (2 replies)
I'm American, yet I am not offended.
I agree with this actually.

I read the black guy's voice in a Jamaican guy's voice.
User avatar #2 - epicpikachu (05/31/2010) [-]
I liked this but, It was little confusing.
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