just me ranting. im really sick of people like this. i know its the internet and you shouldnt take things to heart but come on. give someone a key board and a m
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just me ranting

im really sick of people like this. i know its the internet and you shouldnt take things to heart but come on. give someone a ******* key board and a mouse and it doesnt matter if theyre old or young they transform into this 12 year old trying to argue about politics and religion. the older dude represents pretty much 90% of the internet. i know im not the only one whose sick of it i just know im the only one willing to waste your time to try and express it. do what you want with this post i could give a **** . im just bored and angry. really though theres no way im the only one fed up with this type of **** on this site and others

Sequestration Has Nea rhr " Percent
of Scientists Content plating Moving
WASHINGTON -- New data compiled by a
coalition of mp scientific and medical research
groups show that a large majority of scientists
are receiving less federal help than they were
three years age, despite spending far mere
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L likes this,
l , -the sequester isnt the bad thing its the fact that the guys in charge dent knew what
m cut the budgets en
2 hours ago . Like
lleg. ll -ii; r: rset , The Semester damn well is a hideous thing, In fact it is so bad it is
having the opposite effect m what it is intended. You obviously knew nothing about Political Science, Er: : s,
er humanity. You also don' t knew whim president has reduced spending, more than any other during the last 30
years, net through the Semester but through other means. You also don' t knew the real reasons Fer the deficit,
The cuts of the Semester are more destructive than the maney it saves. You knew nothing,
50 minutes ago . Like
you wanna Elm the hell dawn?
4? minutes ago . Like
1, ,, i,,, , t, the hell gives you the right m Elk like that m anyine woment being provoked? i
wasnt saying any ing a m You, i wasnt saying anything bad about You, so why net check what your saying
and hew its said because if you said that the way you did m sameone in real life it deosnt matter that you get the
senior citizens discount youd still get a smack upside the head from mest. other than that have a good day cu:
net even going m bother arguing we you
45 minutes ago . Like
Cl Write a cemment. ..
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Submitted: 08/31/2013
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User avatar #1 - allrightythan (08/31/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Scott Camuso-Sullivan

we know who you are
User avatar #3 - cubbythechainsaw (08/31/2013) [+] (7 replies)
Haven't you realized that if you say something political, people like this are just lurking to answer. I see your point here, but you had to expect this to some degree.
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