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#17 - tobiuseaton (08/31/2013) [-]
You lied to me.
User avatar #158 to #17 - qazlord (08/31/2013) [-]
actually all the names with that website have been changed or switched it used to say hitler and another example would be with butterfree and primeape when it had the body of butterfree and the head of primeape it used to say butterape but now it only say butterape when the head is butterfree and the body is primeape, its not as funny
#115 to #17 - scilla (08/31/2013) [-]
Did you post the exact same comment on an exact same repost 3 months later?
User avatar #190 to #115 - tobiuseaton (08/31/2013) [-]
Yes sir, I did. It was my comment anyways, might as well repost it.
#126 to #115 - fuckedbyapony (08/31/2013) [-]
Your one didn't have the drawing thing
#81 to #17 - TheTurnbull (08/31/2013) [-]

Pic unrelated
#91 to #81 - makss (08/31/2013) [-]
The answer is right above you my friends.
#114 to #113 - scilla (08/31/2013) [-]
are you ******* kidding me
#71 to #17 - thepandaking (08/31/2013) [-]
would someone really do that? go on the internet just to lie?
would someone really do that? go on the internet just to lie?
#193 to #110 - thepandaking (08/31/2013) [-]
damn I knew I 						******					 it up
damn I knew I ****** it up
User avatar #18 to #17 - tobiuseaton (08/31/2013) [-]
Wait, haven't I done this exact same thing once before..?
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