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#106 - damoclese (08/31/2013) [-]
Or you could not be a politically correct piece of **** who thinks that if you're offended you're automatically right.
#109 to #106 - urbemarmis (08/31/2013) [-]
theres no such thing as "politically correct" once you think of it. i mean look at politics. now ik its not entirely what the political part of politically correct is but for the sake of the argument lets pretend. there are so many opinions being tossed around in politics and none of them are technically correct because opinions cannot be proven right or wrong on any criteria beyond what someone thinks and feels
#128 to #109 - damoclese (08/31/2013) [-]
Fair enough. But I meant the whole social mentality that it is beyond ok to speak about race or gender unless you are supporting "equality". The accept ion has always been that it's ok to joke about race or gender, but not have a different opinion.
This seems like an attempt to make it unacceptable to even joke about it by making us assholes.
#129 to #128 - urbemarmis (08/31/2013) [-]
thats how its been. its more aimed at making white people seem like were all bad. if i was to go into the hood id get jumped because im white. today people view being white as a weakness when really its no more of a weakness than being black or asian. the black dudes that know me personally dont make jokes about me being white because they know that i am more athletic than most them. some black people that dont knowq me though make assumptions that just because im white i cant dance or fight or run fast, which sure i cant dance but i can do the other 2 just fine if needed. if i was to say something about a black dude in my class not being able to read properly because hes black id be suspended or expelled but if it was gym class and he makes fun of me because i suck at basketball cuz im white everyone laughs
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