Battle of Awesome. This is the coolest battle ever!.. where's waldo?
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Battle of Awesome

This is the coolest battle ever!

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Submitted: 09/12/2009
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#2 - devout feminist (09/12/2009) [+] (1 reply)
where's waldo?
#6 - devout feminist (09/12/2009) [+] (2 replies)
No ninja, GTFO
#7 to #6 - devout feminist (09/12/2009) [-]
you just cant find them , they're too well hidden
#16 - devout feminist (09/12/2009) [-]
imaginationland got attacked again
#15 - devout feminist (09/12/2009) [-]
well there is a samuria bear... captcha: sword
#20 - devout feminist (10/25/2009) [-]
ooooooo, i think i found waldo!!!!
User avatar #19 - lighthouse (10/03/2009) [-]
I... umm.... just awesome (also i lost the game)
#18 - devout feminist (09/13/2009) [-]
a dinosaur and a tank woooo
#17 - devout feminist (09/13/2009) [-]
most epic battle of all time period.
#13 - devout feminist (09/12/2009) [-]
where the hell is ******** ? i wont lie i agree with the people below but damn
#12 - devout feminist (09/12/2009) [-]
this is lame without chuck norris, jedi's, or ninjas. or for that matter, morgan freeman to bend some damn bullets in those ******* asses
#11 - devout feminist (09/12/2009) [-]
where the jizz is Chuck Norris. he needs to be round house kicking some faces or else it isn't worthy to be art. it is now a royal piece of crap until i see some Norris...and raptor Jesus as someone stated earlier.
User avatar #10 - MrStalkerMan (09/12/2009) [-]
i do not see optimus prime
i do not see crab nicholson
i do not see batman
until the time that someone has photoshopped these three people into this picture, i refuse to acknowledge this pics epicness
#9 - devout feminist (09/12/2009) [-]
Good points: There was a tank out of nowhere and something with a million hands.
Bad points: No chuck norris, no raptor jesus.
Chuck norris loses a trillionbillionmillionthousandhundred points of epicness, and that doesn't include raptor jesus.
#8 - devout feminist (09/12/2009) [-]
NO JEDi, wtf mate
User avatar #5 - jjholt (09/12/2009) [-]
XD anyone else see the T-rex? and the lion looking thing? and the ape?
#4 - devout feminist (09/12/2009) [-]
Now, THAT is talent! Whoever did this is one hell of an artist - that is if it was done by hand............. if not? re-do it!
#1 - devout feminist (09/12/2009) [-]
Pretty damn lame.
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