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#54 - Cambro
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I...I want to resist but I can't.

Jesus chills with Mary Magadeline even though she's a prostitute.
Jesus honors girl who covers him with perfume as someone who truly knows love.
Jesus calls Canaanite woman (that's too negative things in context) the person with the most faith he has seen of anyone.
Jesus stops an adulteress from being stoned, saying "let he without sin cast the first stone."
Paul commemorates Priscilla as a church leader and a large influence on the apostle's life.
You want Old Testament?
Exodus has a song of Miriam: early religious leader of Israel was a woman.
Deborah in Judges. She was basically a ruling body in the young Israel before it became a monarchy.
Rahab, the prostitute, mentioned by name and saved by Israelites after the invasion of Jericho. Counted as a righteous person (not just a righteous woman).
Esther has a book named after her and is known as a hero for saving the Jews in a time of need. Renowned for her bravery.
Ruth also has a book named for her. Renowned as faithful and the ideal woman who supports family and makes the entire family dynamic better. Oh yeah, she was also a Moabitess. The book of Ruth was constructed to eradicate the racist and sexist ideas that women or canaanites can't be righteous.

Need I go on?

So please, go on about how very particular laws (which has almost no evidence of being followed, btw) in Deuteronomy and Leviticus show that the Bible is a sexist book.
User avatar #59 to #54 - ihatem
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I thought you went on a Christian adventure somewhere, or has it been that long?
#56 to #54 - basichaharemix
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