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User avatar #2 - ewqua (08/27/2013) [-]
To be honest I thought this would happen, too. Nobody believed me either.
User avatar #48 to #2 - ruebezahl (08/27/2013) [-]
Well, I also thought there's a good chance that she would go down a somewhat unpleasant road, but I never imagined it would be the kind of total trainwreck that it has become. I thought it would be something like what Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes have become, which is bad enough, but I never could have imagined something as horrible as that retarded tongue-wagging ass-shaking foam finger-humping "show" at the VMAs. And frankly, I doubt that even Foxx thought that it could get THAT bad.

Even Robin Thicke looked shocked at times, and I don't think that he is the kind of guy to be put off too easily by public displays of adult-related entertainment.
User avatar #16 to #2 - sparox (08/27/2013) [-]
User avatar #5 to #2 - hoodieallen (08/27/2013) [-]
I know but your not Jamie Foxx...........we all cant be Jamie Foxx
User avatar #34 to #5 - willisteal (08/27/2013) [-]
What about his "not Jamie Foxx"?
User avatar #6 to #5 - ewqua (08/27/2013) [-]
Just wanted to point out that not everyone saw her as a sweet innocent girl.
(Neither of us is Jamie Foxx.)
User avatar #7 to #6 - mericuh (08/27/2013) [-]
Actually I'm pretty sure that guy really IS Jamie Foxx
User avatar #8 to #7 - ewqua (08/27/2013) [-]
I meant none of us funnyjunkies. Unless you want to question either his entire existence or his membership on fj.
User avatar #9 to #8 - mericuh (08/27/2013) [-]
I have a confession to make. I'm Jamie Foxx.
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