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#135 - bval
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(08/27/2013) [-]
I have several problems with that video.
1. Comments and ratings are disabled. This tactic is also employed by proponents of movements that go against overwhelming evidence, such as creationism. This suggests that the uploader knows that the argument would not survive the critiques that would result from an open forum.
2. At 1:55, the author states that "In [his] own view, these days there are so many incentives for women to make all sorts of accusations of abuse of some kind or other that they are in fact far more likely to make false allegations than they are to be raped." He provides no evidence for this. Indeed, he admits that this is just "[his] own view." Then, by 6:20, his guess has somehow morphed into evidence: he asserts that the "evidence suggests very strongly indeed that, at the very least, most of them are false accusers."
3. The author denounces PSAs that encourage women to report abuse or rape, because he believes that this increases incidence of false allegation. No evidence is provided for this. Additionally, he ignores the possibility that such PSAs may increase the reporting of genuine rapes, thereby increasing the true:false allegation ratio. By considering only one possible contribution of these PSAs, the author is cherry picking, which is a logical fallacy.
4. There are numerous reasons why so many raped women do not go to the police, among them: shame, embarrassment, fear of not being believed, etc. The author does not acknowledge that would-be false accusers would face the same pressures against going to the police.

Do not let the pictograms and the British accent fool you: his argument is cherry-picked and lacking in evidence.
#139 to #135 - tomthehippie
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(08/27/2013) [-]
Thank you. Pisses me off when people pull this kind of ********.