read tags backwards. this is taken from 4chan if you can't already tell some people were requesting it some days ago so i went and found the full collection.. A emag eht tsol uoy
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read tags backwards

read tags backwards. this is taken from 4chan if you can't already tell some people were requesting it some days ago so i went and found the full collection.. A

this is taken from 4chan if you can't already tell
some people were requesting it some days ago so i went and found the full collection.

Tags: emag | eht | tsol | uoy
Anonymous (10 ) (( 11 44 No 501349584 [v]
clarkson .3 (103 KB, ) Q
1 knew an Asin tard that ventually up mg Mme my hm Mnt/ y, andl
was ( allert
4 wwe we
IT Batiks
dog In auy swim street
Amen moved In a yew houses down
Ma mum, dad and 15 year old halftard
dubbed My Chan, Mrs Chan and Maruchan
sees the dog and waddles may
l rather roughly, parents approach me
mrhat awkwardly stathem Mme Maruchan to pet my may dog
pearents maybay my Maruchan to leave
Ignores, yaa engrossed break my
Chan grabs ms arm, nay roughly but Just to say 'Okay, came the fuck an
lets out a low wicked sht out of my dog
wwe dog , Maruchan
Chan , Mrs Chan stands hum/ ated
learnedly make an excuse to leave and startad% untoward my house
s groan can be heard yam down the street, ye nay happy
Wynn guys want move, let me know
Anonymous (10 ) ( : No 501350191 by
brenda Eng (130 KB, ) mm Q
wwe we 2 we sank
ywya Mrs we at shop
mehe' s alone, and much move
appologies agayn my Maruchan, says ye 15 'a Mme wayy
assure hert' s ya problem
bleave the shop and spot Maruchan stony Mrs mans car
sees me and waves
and nod to try and we an
yanks the horn at me, keeps
keep walkng, nay Home Missy wth ms bullsht
yank yank
Chan runs out Mme store and approaches the car
yank yank yank yank yank
Chan car and subdue: Maruchan
manies up nexter me and 017615 me a we home
Mops an
has ms gaymy nose pressed wholesome
wasthe car pulls away, ye stares at me
pwase slts concealed an em 1 was yet to decoyed
Anonymous (10 ) (( 24 37 No 501351776 [v]
Gauge .3 (23 KB, 253x388) Q
wwe we 3 we (New Open Brental
nieghbourhood we
summer In fullstory
as fuck, neigbours garden a beer
wwe mans awe
same gyms: looking brown Jumper
move my seat to stay out
goes an, " alight my such a shtty
spuddenly same starts
took a dump an the ktchen looking my the talet
me walked an twile also talet
spuddenly yayyay Maruchan burgers
spots me and starts caming may
retells me ye took idump In the ktchen wth a sht an ms face
Mummy should clean up but not home"
Chan and Mrs Chan came may
agayn, Mrs Chan leads Maruchan away
Chan stands quetly,
Sony agayn ls hard to handle someitmes '
my Chan 15 clearly subbing
spuddenly Mrs Chan screams yam yayy Garden
has yeyeyeyey dress my because l had a bug ont
my Chan practially throws them In the car and they leave
wwe hangs my
Anonymous (10 ) (( 35 33 No 501353815 by
nope .3 (24 KB, 405x620) mm Q
we we l Rast Raugh
months pass
Maruchan schones my a Mme, actually wondring what became Samurai
mone day l' m walkng the dog (many brave enough to venture down the street )
my Chan suddenly bursts out Mme , spamms amass the lawn and gets In the car
manies or, speeds out Mme street
Chan 15 an the doorstep
me ' s a lazy yucking thog, Just sts down and calls)
paparoach bay callously
everyting okay?"
Chan gathers my and shoots me make / e
she can speak, we yam Tame emerges, past her
mhe' s hoang a cat collar
my all may ms
Chan approaches matto take
wwe heard yam Mme my
starts ms feet and mustang someing mm groan
Biomes back out and hurls a p/ low
Chan screams and Woks away
mlt' s a yucking cat
yucking dead cat
has actually Wed a motherfucking cat
Weak out and grab my dog, heading home
then groping, , thenthe eBay slams shut as Mrs Chan goes
Anonymous (10 ) (( 56 07 No 501358162 [v]
319713 .3 (8 KB, 268x188) Q
wwe we 5 Famary my
wys starematt get really Serums Well, Increasingly so
my Chan doesnt came home my a yew days
Mddle Eastern yayy
dude came tryo same governmentman and took the cat away, the mans emeny eat l
aye maining, wth same weman
as l happens
Chan ‘ ttoo happy to see her, but seems to go wthe
starts to go an walks wth Maruchan alter a week 0150, usually to the park a couple streets away, then to the shop, then home agayn
seems to actually know hershy
mone daal' shop and pass Maruchan and ms
lunges at me, grabs my hand and swings l around We ye presumably dd to ms
appearently handshake
ms hand 15 (11055 and greasy, lsauce and end the gesture as fast as 1 can
to leave when Mrs Chan pulls up In yayyay
mehe' s km Ma mess, ya make up, hwell myths peace, she hasnt slept much
peeresses the Tardwranglers an
Satans practially shooing my her
mcribs Maruchan
hegiras to groan, I' m slowly fuck away ywya the shop to rude yam the
we stop to observe the two wammy bakeing
seems pretty possee and keep hold
15 ms sht, starts back and mayy, manages to grab Mrs mans dress
aanother car any/ es
rout steps a man came to up to and respect
my Chan standstills whail assumed were ms
Cad Now?‘
Chan and Maruchan shame yayayya car
my Chan canine! and ewes away, lemmon yeyeye fuck behnd
Anonymous (10 ) (( 07 39 No 501360352 [v]
Eng (636 KB, 1236x625) Q
wwe we 6 Rove and Responsibly
Only a catpie move
afterthe , Mrs Chan muse, Mommas Maruchan
my Chan leaves my work eace maining, and returns eace nght
seems quet, atleast
15 merely
mone nght 1 wake upto swans
and see a asscake, people are gathered In the street
s In a muse down the street
moun and my are proved to be correct we Mainlands are Mame
my mans car anothere, ye musette home yam work
a hose to put yye, l seems to only hem aye mom
Chan and Maruchan are wrapped In blankets In the back of an ambulance nearby
Chan Woks pretty yucking burned an forarm
an ms blanket
to check Chan 15 okay, l based an my essaye to we any future run ms
and go to bed, be awake when hm yam work
mourns found can make wth a Eihter and
up seting clothes an we In
my Chan odiously
mans , turns sold l to help pay
Tardwranglers are , " clearcoat My Chan has assured w/ l be ya move sht yam Mrs Chan
Maruchan' s bithday approaches
wwe Mme upon us
Anonymous (10 ) (( 31 06 No 501365083 [r
3 (T KB, 1911464) mm Q
awey, byke a Dragon Emerging yam ampule, bottled fury, My mans Mme carcases down the street, Leutenant Dans legs likely bouncing
around In
car straght ywya the , opens the eBay
Chan out Mme house, moody murder
Chan 15 , and has seemingly bought a abscesses and shoes, whach ye takes yam ms car and starts yucking huang at Mrs
emerges yam ms place
My Chan dresses
as fast as ms can carry mm, My Chan sees
a rather unsteady slap to the skis Mme beasts head
Chan screams and hugs Maruchan
Chan gets backmane car and mes to start l
are called try neigbour
Chan 15 arrested, Maruchan stands hoang ms ' s hand, be taken away
mas My Chan 15 subdued ye same sht In ms name tounge
Chan starts and aways Maruchan' s says
sweet playce
we mother and the we med out a few months hack Dunno what we aways them
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