plastic dongs. Be ya merciful of a new landlubber.. We 122852415710 on 1276x387 Dumme mm on I’ 12/ 06( Sat) 2029 No E tta ago was Ida‘: shopto debate theoden I
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plastic dongs

Be ya merciful of a new landlubber.

We 122852415710 on 1276x387 Dumme mm on
I’ 12/ 06( Sat) 2029 No
E tta ago was Ida‘: shopto debate theoden I dim shopto question the morally I " be done
I began by going to the nicest sex store [perused their selection cocks mam out om dildos The cashier gave me an odd look as I tossed my big bag mcdicks on the counter andalou
could manage to do he a grin A grin that said Wes I am a damn: Thank you for asking“ She seemed to get the was and wow rang up my erasures
Anyways I shrew the sack we the passenger seat and drove home slowly Savoring my acum" sithis I got quite afew odd the people who saw my cocks at For some reason I got an
erection while shindig ofmy devious plan I jerked chiving home Nady his a small black kid cursed missing
12/ 06( Sat) 2033 No 1691923
Immeadiately went to work Sram_ how work, garden, etc I grew hard while thinking moons to ,
irts_ smthng
I‘ 08/ 12/ 06( Sat) 20 so No 1691928
Alyways ' . _ tersest % geetar_
Day after day after day I Idiom sausage's) I couldbe to my cocks as ' were on the coarse Mewo months, my cocks ' r new home
I‘ Anonymous 08/ 12/ 06( Sat) 2039 No 1691939
My cocks were gone
see in hotfix she' d go to ' rd bale:
r Anuin} 08/ 12/ ) No 1691951
Anyways, we spoke to shewolfie the has who documented everything we said she was Hump playing along or perhaps she wasnt just playing anymore I sen
Regardless when are police asked what we were sang about she' s the one who provided he answer Dildos 25 rubber penises
The cops mm asses of The guy who seemed to be in charge asked 'No sealy, what ?" she answer Funpolice gave us use biggest "abat smack" look an time
rm dragging on though The cops as shady afterwards, promising to catch the "DKK Bandit" as was possible " ******* assholes,“ I so my neighbour she min with me
I‘ 08/ 12/ ) 20 47 No 1691958
cofee. _ timeskips _ or' serious Ii_
lass, into mymunch
shin Not_ , _ tnx swam
mycock way
stomme' _
meetme It _ _
Her thrashing beacame less pronounced hex gasps slowly with her Andim some erection
weaver_ copse, _
F I‘ Ajmr. / 12/ 06( Sat) No 1692015
And so my story aids Thom to water my cocks tah to them as ifthey were actual plains and maybe the neighbours " continue to think that ,' nss sanity Absolutely ******* insane, In
However, we know the hush deny mam We both know the truth
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Submitted: 08/25/2013
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#3 - pidgeyownzu (08/25/2013) [-]
dammm she was just passed out when she stopped breathing. didn't need to bury her? unless he buried her incase she called the police
#1 - yorker (08/25/2013) [+] (1 reply)
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