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I had a good day.

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User: I wanna be the very best
Claverbot: Like no one ever was.
User: To Etch them is no real test
Claverbot: To train them is no cause.
User: I will travel across the land.
Claverbot: Searching Wand wide.
User: Each Pokemon to understand.
Claverbot: The power that' s inside.
User: Pokemon, gotta Etch em all.
Claverbot: It' s you and me!
Claverbot: Pokemon!
User: (, you' re no best friend!
Claverbot: In a world we must defend.
User: , gotta Etch em all.
Claverbot: Our courage will pull us through.
User: You teach me and I' ll teach you.
Claverbot: Pokemon! Gotta Etch them all!
User: Gotta Etch 'em all .
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