One Wish (Final Part). . The boy is in immense pain new and is trying so hard not to scream. "Go ahead scream, I promise you will be set free, and I wahn' t kil One Wish (Final Part) The boy is in immense pain new and trying so hard not to scream "Go ahead I promise you will be set free wahn' t kil
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One Wish (Final Part)

The boy is in immense pain new and is trying so hard not to scream. "Go ahead scream, I promise you will be set free, and I wahn' t kill you, just scream, and it will all be ever, actually no, say
mercy, and I will send you back home, back to the way you ence were. Come en you know you want to, just let it all out, say mercy and I will send you home." The boy shakes his head, he knows
he only has ene more day of this and he is done.
As the hours go by the boy is experiencing more pain than ever before, but is holding it all in, until he hears.
Say the word my boy and I promise with all of my heart I will let you go."
Henry says in the most sincere voice possible. The boy doesn' t know what it was, but something changed his mind and made him believe that he was telling the truth, so with whatever energy
was left the boy mumbles
Mercy..." and then Henry tells the man to stop, he unhooks the boy, waves his hands and chants Some sen of incantation and the boy is back to normal.
Stand up my boy, you are all finished" Henry says.
I am, you mean its all ever, I can go home!" the boy shouts
Yes, go home, and see your family, they aren' t dead anymore, everything will be " Henry snaps his fingers and the boy wakes up in his bed, the door back to normal, and the temperature as
he remembered it. up and runs down stairs and sees his mom sitting there at the dining room table. He runs to her and says
I' m so Sorry mom, I' m so Sorry, I will never be late again, and I love you so much. Please forgive me!" he gives her the biggest hug I think anyone has ever seen.
Of course I will honey, just don' t be late again" his mother says with a smile en her face. The boy nearly cries after realizing the fact that all of that time he was gene, only took up an hour er
sch. Suddenly there is a knock en the door. "I' ll get it," the boy says as he jumps up and runs to the door. He epins it to find that he is new staring down the barrel of a twelve gauge shotgun. He
looks up to see who it is, but can' t see the face in time. Whoever it was then pulls the trigger and the boy hits the floor, headless.
When he wakes up he' s back in the black office room with Henry looking at him again. "Remember what I told you before... I am a terrible time here was nowhere near ever, your
eternity has only begun." Henry laughs as the boy screams and lies en the floor in a tantrum. "Your time here wasn' t up when you spoke, so new as I promised, you will live here forever!"
I know you are probably all upset at me right new for what I did to him, but reality is reality. In life there are no happy endings, there are no fairy lives. There' s only reality, and reality is
never what you want.
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Pro tip: make it shorter. Poppier, bolder text. Wait for it to become popular to post all the parts.