One Wish (part 4). . He nearly let out a wail as he finally felt the pain of the two cuts that cut off his legs. Then he remembered that he can' t talk so all h One Wish (part 4) He nearly let out a wail as he finally felt the pain of two cuts that cut off his legs Then remembered can' t talk so all h
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One Wish (part 4)

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He nearly let out a wail as he finally felt the pain of the two cuts that cut off his legs. Then he remembered that he can' t talk so all he did was silently cry. "Keep looking there' s more" Henry
says with an evil smile w his face. The boy quickly realizes more pain through out his body, he lifted his shirt to see cuts and gashes from what seemed to be a whip all ever his terse. He looks
up to Henry rather quickly and asks in his head, what happened. Henry looks him in the eyes and says "Well, do you remember my friend in the blue shirt. Well lets just say he enjoyed himself
torturing you. He set a rather large stane block w your legs until they shattered and then he removed them ever so brutally with his nice net so sharp rusty axe. Then just for kicks him and I took
whips and made sure that your unconscious body was covered in blood by the time the day was finished. And of course the whipping went w for the past few days, look." Henry picks up a mirror
and the boy looks into it, seeing a mangled cut and bruised face, with a broken jaw missing a dengue and many teeth, and we can' t forget the cuts from a whip. This was the boy' s new image.
Reality hits him yet again, if he makes it through all of this, his life will be significantly different, and nothing will be the same ever again. "Oh yes, I almost forgot, would you like your legs back,
seeing hew they are... er... were yours". Regardless if the boy said yes w no Henry pulls out, from under his desk, a pair of mangled, crushed legs. The look w the boy' s face turned from sad to
horrified in a matter of seconds. Just under a week ago, he had been running w those legs and using them, net ever thinking he would lose them, and new he is looking at them, severed from
his body. Henry laughs as he threas them w the floor. The boy nearly screams, but resists. "Go back to bed there' s more fun planned for tomorrow." Henry says as he begins to walk out of the
room " Oh and don' t try and run new, you are almost done with your stay here." He cackles as he walks out of the reem.
The boy net knawing what to do, yet again, sits there and lets what' s left of the tears fall dawn his face. He thinks to himself as he sits "what' s the point, I' m never going to survive in here, and
when I go back home, everything will be different. No ene will recognize me. No ene will ever believe what I' been through, and I probably will end up dying Sooner than I ever thought, why
me, why me!" the boy then slowly drifts into sleep, and reality fades into a dream. A dream where he is sitting at the dinner table with his family, his mother sitting acre's from his father, and
his sister sitting acre's from him. Everything back to normal, the way it should have been, but then, Henry appears and begins to slowly stroll into the room smiling the evilest smile the boy has
ever seen w his face. As he walked into the room he begins to slowly take out a piece of paper, and he reads.
I am here to claim the lives of the entire family, I' m claiming this household! Now everybady w their knees, net you boy, you stand here with me. Take this knife in your hand boy, and do as I
say, and maybe your life will return back to normal in your real life." The boy tries to resist but can' t because something seems to be controlling his every mave. He begins to slowly walk
towards his family, knife in hand, then Henry says:
kill them all, cut off their heads!" the boy walks ever to his father and begins to slice his head off, then to his mother. He begins to scream in his head
No stop, wake up, this is only a dream, wake up!" but he can' t, the dream doesn' t stop until there are three headless bodies lying w the floor.
Good my boy, new pick the heads up and give them to me, so uncontrollably the boy picks up the heads and gives them to Henry, then, he wakes up out of his sleep. He wants to scream but he
doesn' t when he sees Henry standing ever him with a bloody knife and a bag full of something. "Good morning again, did you enjoy your dream?' Henry says, then stairs into the boy' s eyes "yes?
Good, well it would be nice for you to know that what you saw wasn' t a dream, look here. Henry pulls out the bag and dumps them w the floor, and there laying w the ground were the heads of
his family. Henry chuckles. The boy tries his hardest net to scream in pain and disbelief at what he just saw; he tries so hard it begins to hurt. Then Henry shouts out, "come there is more to be
done!" He snaps his fingers and the winged beast semes and picks the boy up and takes him into a room with a large screen. "I am going to leave you four in here," says Henry as he walks
through the doorway. He then takes out three other chairs and neatly places the heads w them. "Have a nice time you all, I will be back in a few minutes."
Hours go by and the boy is crying his heart out and is trying to net believe the fact that he just killed his entire family, he begins to look around the room for something that will kill him, but the
room has rounded corners and there is nothing sharp. The boy then thinks to himself:
Why me god why me, I didn' t mean to wish for this, please god get me out of here..."
Henry then semes bashing into the room and screams "He canned help you here, this is my domain! Now sit back and watch this!" Henry turns the screen w, and the boy sees the dream he just
had, and he is new watching ever and ever the slaughter of his family "I want you to remember something before this next day is finished, I am a terrible Ivar." Henry whispers. "Get seme rest,
is your last day!"
Thinking nothing of what he said the boy slowly drifts off to sleep, and yet again he has the dream he is killing his family. This disturbs him so much he begins to cry again; because that is the
only thing he has left to do. When the boy awakens Henry is there looking at him.
Come with me!" he says
He grabs the boy by the threat and drags him out of the room, back into another we of those white reams but this we had a stretching rack with rusted iron shackles w it. Then the man in blue
Gimps into the room, picks the boy up, and securely straps him en to the rack.
Since today is your last day, I figure ill end it with a bang" Henry laughs, as he signals to the man to start turning the wheel. see the final part w my profile if you have come this far.
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