One Wish (part 3). . At that very moment after he said that he closed the two levers w the branch trimmer and almost in ene clean cut, cuts off the boys tongue. One Wish (part 3) At that very moment after he said closed the two levers w branch trimmer and almost in ene clean cut cuts off boys tongue
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One Wish (part 3)

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At that very moment after he said that he closed the two levers w the branch trimmer and almost in ene clean cut, cuts off the boys tongue. It actually took him two cuts to take it all off. This
made the pain even Worse for the boy. Yet again trying so hard net to scream the boy yells in his head "WHY WHY WHY DID I WISH FOR A NEW LIFE SOMEBODY HELP ME
GET ME OUT OF HERE!" tears begin to flow dawn the boy' s face as he realized the position he is in, if he lives and makes it back home, life will never be the same again, if he dies and stays
here, all of his hopes, all of his dreams, and everything that the boy worked for, for his whole life, will be gene forever. This realization in itself was enough to kill the boy, all because of this
wish, he new has nothing to live for, but he is hellsbane w making it through these eight days alive so he will never have to go through this again.
Wallowing in his newfound pain the boy sits and silently cries, until he hears the voice of Henry. The boy looks up to see Henry standing in the middle of the room talking to the man. He almost
blends in with the walls because he is wearing his white suit. The boy hears Henry whisper "Good job, but don' t Worry there will be more fun in the week to come, you can go". The man leaves
the room and Henry begins to walk ever to the boy.
Get up, I need to speak with you in my office." Henry says to the boy, whe was new shewing no signs that he was crying. Henry puts out his hand and he helps the boy en to his feet. "You'
got balls kid, mest people scream their first time here. I' m somewhat proud of you, but I will still enjoy it when I see you squeal like a pig. I' m also looking forward to seeing you living here for
the rest of your life! Now if you please walk this way with me."
They step outside of the room and begin to walk dawn a long somewhat straight, with a few slight curves here and there, hallway, passing by thousands and thousands of reams that look
exactly like the ene the boy was just in.
After a good hour of walking in complete silence, Henry turns to the boy and says "we are almost there so stop your crying, and would you please stop wishing to leave. I despise your thaughts,
they are driving me insane!" He looks the boy in the eyes "I said shut up! I have a head ache shut your thoughts up!" Henry lifts his right hand and back hands the boy right in his broken jaw, the
pain brought the boy to his knees. "Get up we have a lot more walking to do!" He grabs the boy by his shoulder, picks him up and drags him until they reached his office.
They enter his office and it is probably the mest interesting room in this entire place. It had black walls with gold curtains. There was a large oak desk in the center of the room and there were 3
golden lamps that illuminated the room just enough so you can see what it is you are weaking w. The ene bad thing about this room is that w the wall directly behind Henry' s desk, there were
fourteen sets of eyes looking in all directions.
What are they, well that is my security. If I am ever to leave this room I can see every corner at any time of day. It' s hew my office stays so safe. Please my boy have a seat," Henry says as he
gestures towards a long black couch with a gold blanket resting w it. The boy sits w the couch. It was surprisingly comfortable, and to be honest this would be the last thing he would expect to
see in a place like this. "This is where you will sleep, under the watchful eyes of, well he, ha ha, but I must warn you, you will net have a comfortable sleep. You will be haunted by dreams that
you do net wish to dream. You will eat no food. You will drink only water, only twice a day. Once when you wake up, and ence when you come back in here after a days... fun" Henry laughs and
looks at the boy "Now get seme, well go to sleep! And I will see you sometime tomorroww"
Strangely enough Henry was Wrong. The boy didn' t have any bad dreams, but when he awoke, he was in the white room again. As his body woke up all the way he felt a sharp pain w his hands.
He tried to mave them but it didn' t seem to work. So he looked to his left then his right and he saw that his hands were nailed to a table. He begins to silently cry again. His crying was brought to
an abrupt halt when he heard the clicking of what sounded to be bones, and he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. He looks dawn at his stomach and find a small creature, that sen of resembled a
monkey but had no skin. It was ripping and tearing at that area. The boy wants to scream but can' t, so he does the only thing a normal person would do in a situation like this, he passes out.
When the boy wakes up, again, he is back in the black office with Henry looking at him. "Good morning" he says with a smile. "I thought I would actually let you sleep for a while, seeing hew
you put up with so much, and haven' t made a single sound." His smile disappears "but don' t think that I will be this nice to you for the rest of the time you are here for. You still have three days
left" he looks the boy deeply in the eyes. "Yes I kept you asleep for seme extra time, I thought it would make an interesting surprise, take a look at the changes that have occurred in the past
few days." The boy quickly begins to examine his body; he looks to his legs, to find that there is a lack of them. part 4 w my profile
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