One Wish (part 2). . Welcome to my domain!" the force that was holding him in place was no longer there. Then the man in the paintings appears in front of the b One Wish (part 2) Welcome to my domain!" the force that was holding him in place no longer there Then man paintings appears front of b
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One Wish (part 2)

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Welcome to my domain!" the force that was holding him in place was no longer there. Then the man in the paintings appears in front of the boy. "A pleasure to meet you young man, you may
call me Henry" says the man charismatically. " to meet you, l-" The boy Stutters. " No need for an introduction my boy, I already know everything I need to know about you" he grins"
and there is no need for talking, I can read your thoughted
The boy not knawing what to do begins to pinch himself to see if he' s dreaming. "Come w my boy, there is no need to do that, this place is as real as your last home. You wished for another life,
so I brought you here." He smiles evilly "Now go get seme rest, you have a big day ahead of you. Oh, and I recommend writing a letter to your family and friends as I don' t think you are going to
see them for a very Iing time." The boy heads back to his room.
Three hours go by and the boy is finishing his final letter. As he writes he reads aloud: "I' m serry about everything I' ever done to you in the past, I guess that this is the last time you will ever
hear from me, so I wanted to say, I love you mom, thank you for being such a great mother. I' m sorry." A tear drops from the boy' s eye. "Why... why!" his emotional moment was abruptly halted
by the screech of seme sen of inhuman creature. He jumps out of his chair and hits the floor "what was that" he thinks to himself. He gets off the floor and sprints to the door. When he reaches
the door he hears the fluttering of rather large wings and sees Henry sitting in a chair with his hands folded in his lap. This time he was wearing a white suit.
Hello my friend, finished I presume. Please let me see you letters and I will deliver them to whomever they need to go to as seen as possible." As the boy hands ever the letters Henry grins
Your new life will begin shortly, please have a seat. Would you like seme dinner?" he looks the boy in the eye" Roast beef it is!" Henry snaps his fingers and an entire roast beef dinner appears
along with a table. Henry looks into the boy' s eyes wee again. "How did I do it? Well my boys, you will see in a short amount of time, new eat!" The boy eats the dinner and Henry stares him in
the eyes the entire time, his smile seems to get bigger after every bite the boy took. "Finished? Good! Now before you go off and start your new life, about your letters. I want to know, did you
put all of your emotions into these, yes? good, and what would happen if they were to get lest. Oh no reason, I was just wandering. You would die? is that what you said? Oh, well, perfect!"
He grins, "watch this!" Henry takes out the boy' s letters, holds them high into the air, snaps his fingers, and the letters burst into flames. Henry chuckles as they burn. " NC) WHY! NO!" shouted
the boy. "Welcome to your new life of eternal suffering! Ha ha ha! Also there is pne rule I would like to tell you. There will be no screaming here, I mean an eternity of screaming really is enough
to kill you. And if you survive for eight days and don' t die from what you will go through, then you have every right to go home." He looks into the boys eyes again " no you aren' t dead. If you
were dead, this would be a lot more painful for you. If you do die here, you will stay here and the pain will multiply, and be a lot worse for a lot longer. Now go, you have a lot to do todayy Henry
snaps his fingers yet again and a giant beast fiy' s into the room landing w the floor in front of the boy. This creature was massive. It was nearly 16 feet tall and had a human shape (standing w
two feet, upright etc.) and it had a wing span that was approximately 20 feet tip to tip. It also had bright red eyes and sharp black claws w its fingers. The skin w this beast was a very light gray
color, almost ash like. On its face, well there really wasn' t a face, it only had eyes, there was no mouth, no nase, and how this creature made any noise at all was a mystery. cm top of his head
were large black horns that were rather sharp. The beast grabs the boy by the threat and begins to fly off with him in its hand. ''I hope you have fun with my friends ha ha ha! Oh I would like to
speak with you when you are done playing!" Henry says as he waves to the boy and the creature as they fly off.
The beast' s grip was tight around the boy' s neck, hard enough to break the skin leaving claw marks. It was also making it rather hard for the boy to breathe. But before he passed out they landed
in an empty white room. The beast released his death grip and the boy dropped to the floor, and landed with a plop. The pain was unbearable. It was so difficult for him not to cry pr make any
noise at all, because if he were to, he' ll never be able to go home again. The beast suddenly let out a deafening screech and flew away, and then a man dressed in a blue jump suit strolled into
the room. The boy cowers into the corner and tears begin to fall from his eyes. He childishly hides his face, hoping that the man would just go away. But he didn' t, because the next time he
looked up he was right in front of him with a wrench and a pair of branch trimmers in his hands. The boy takes a good look at the man, who strangely doesn' t have a face, pr at least he can' t see
pne. The man looks back at him, and takes off what seemed to be his face. Underneath it there was a tom apart face with half a jaw and a grin that seemed to be stuck there. The man' s tongue
was dangling from the side of his mouth with no jaw. What was remaining of his teeth were black and chipped, lets just say that he was hideous.
The man gestured for the boy to ppen his mouth, and the boy didn' t comply. So the man walked right ever the boy put his hand w his mouth and pried it ppen. The boy quickly tried to snap his
mouth shut in hopes to bite the man' s fingers off and make a run of it, to where he doesn' t know. But his attempt at escape fails because wee he tried to bite down, the man broke his jaw, to
keep him from trying to bite him again. The boy winces in pain and tries with all of his might not to cry as he felt the man grab his tongue with the wrench that he held in his hand. The boy
opened his left eye to see what was going w, when he did he realized the man had opened the branch trimmer and was placing his tongue between the two sheers. Before he closed the branch
trimmer the man mumbled something that sounded to the boy like " The boss says no talk, so I make no taik!" see part 3 w my profile for thye continuation.
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