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Baby With A Gun
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****		 yeah swords
**** yeah swords
User avatar #11 - RequieminMortis (08/24/2013) [+] (5 replies)
I knew a guy who said he would never use a gun because it was a "dishonorable and cowardly weapon", and said he'd rather carry a knife or a sword as a weapon, because it was a more "honorable" choice.

I simply told him that "he who lives by the sword gets shot by those who don't" and walked off.
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Good, weeaboos need to get told more often.
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I hated these kinds of people at one point in my life. I tried to get a friend's friend a concealed carry because he wanted to be able to defend himself. It should be that simple, figured he would know how to use a gun and whatnot. Then he proceeds to tell me he's "more of a sword person" and wants to conceal carry knives and swords for self protection. I told him a concealed carry permit covers guns, but knives and swords aren't included. He then tried to tell me how he could do far more with a sword if someone tried to rob him than he could with a gun.

I eventually said **** it, if he wants to get his ass robbed or killed that's his own damn fault.
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