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#1 - schnizel ONLINE (08/22/2013) [-]
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Are you really that stupid to belive that?
User avatar #10 to #1 - remsaman (08/23/2013) [-]
people use incognito for porn so people wont see their internet history. i dont think ANYBODY believes that you can do illegal things on incognito and get away with it.
User avatar #6 to #1 - byodensbeard (08/22/2013) [-]
Who the **** even uses incognito?
User avatar #7 to #6 - schnizel ONLINE (08/22/2013) [-]
Those who belive tha Google will not collect their data while in incognito mode.
#8 to #7 - anon (08/22/2013) [-]
its more of a convenience you wont have to clear your internet history afterwards or hell maybe you don't want to clear your history at all because there's a link you may want to go back to later who knows why you did not bookmark it.. it wont show up in your internet history..
User avatar #9 to #8 - schnizel ONLINE (08/22/2013) [-]
The Big Brother sees all.
User avatar #4 to #2 - schnizel ONLINE (08/22/2013) [-]
Use tor.
User avatar #5 to #4 - schnizel ONLINE (08/22/2013) [-]
Is good, yes?
User avatar #3 to #2 - schnizel ONLINE (08/22/2013) [-]
Google still collects your data even when you are in incognito mode.
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