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Chapter 8 Chemistry

Here is chapter 8 Heel like one dike rams this isn' t doing as wen as I thought is because it is annoying to look at lam ofcours to make the background so it is more to the audience
What colors do you guys think would be best lam tan so it looks more like abut page Anyways I do hope you like this mic)!’
Chris was relieved to leave after the bell rang; he almost fell asleep in his Math class as Professor Sickle moved on about how to factor polynomials and other stuff he would probably never
use again e. When he arrived at Chemistry refound out that Bradley had the same class.
So is this Professor as boring as Professor Sickle or as evil as Professor Lyle?"
Actually she is pretty nice compared to the Lyle but the interesting part, well, it' s debatable."
I see," Chris laughed.
I hearth's you have the legendary ability of controlling atoms."
How did you find that out? It isn' t something I like to brag about."
James told me and this class might help you."
What do you mean?"
You' ll see."
Chris was about to ask what he would see when Professor entered the classroom, "Good morning class, I would like to introduce our new student Chris Legion."
What are we, elementary kids?" c whispered to Bradley.
What? You don' t like getting an entrance, besides everyone will forget you _ two seconds." Bradley answered.
open up your books to page , we will be rev molecules and compounds."
Chris took a book from the shelf and opened the book to the page; refound a per Cable on it and got a Crazy idea. "sot why I' m in chemistry," he muttered to self. Chris flipped
so he
through the pages to see if the book had the chemical makeout or solids, refound h _ m, refound out that helium was more of its own atom but that didn' t discourage _
decided to make it. He concentrated on the atom He, he could feel something flowing throughout his body, and the students looked around when they heard a hiss. They didn' t know the hiss
was coming out of the pores in Chris' s body, they soon found out what the hiss was when a student asked what that sound was and her voice came out as the squeaky helium voice. The class
burst out laughing and then laughed harder when they herd .
Mr. Legion, do you thinker's is a game," said the annoyed Professor
How did you know it was me?"
You inst told me and Headmaster Gates told me what your a
I don' t know how to change it back."
Don' t bother," then suddenly the helium seemed to vanish and students started coug g out the last of the helium in their lungs.
Did you do that?" Chris asked the professor.
I have control over gasses, that' s why I teach Chemistry."
That' s fascinating," Chris s
Not for you, if I have to dothat again I WI give you detail ion for a month."
First day doesn' t seem to be going well for you, does it," Bradley said to him.
It' s a learning experience," Chris said.
By the way, the Headmaster told meto give this to you," and she handed him a bag filled with things like textbooks, notebooks, and g utensils. Refound a note that read:
l/ arma/ vaa/
Norman Gates
How did the Headmaster know I got detention?" Chris asked Bradley.
He probably is watching you," Bradley sat in a creepy voice.
That' s comforting," Chris said rolling his eyes.
When the shrill sound of the school bell rang Chris took his bag and left for lunch, he wondered how the Headmaster knew about the detention and about him writing down the compounds,
Bradley could have been right and the Headmaster was watching over him. That thought made Chris on edge, was the Headmaster watching rm now ma mg sure he wasn' geetting into any
trouble. If he was Chris sure was probably letting the Headmaster down.
Chris walked down three sets of staircases and headed towards the d ill mad at him.
g hall; he spotted Max and decided to sit by him hoping he wasn' t
That Sam' s taken," Max said as Chris started to sit down so Chris sat on the other side of Max. "If you' re not gone by thetime Holly is here you-"
What, I will die? I don' t think she would kill me over something that stupi
she won' t," Max said as he made a knife hover inches from Chris' s face, "I will."
For starters," Chris said yanking the knife out of the air and then slammed it on the table, "you don' t have the guts, you know your being and idiot, and you will probably be pummeled by
me before the knife even touched my skin."
Try me," Max said coldly as he lifted the knife up and pressed it against Chris' s neck, "what do you know, I touched your skin." Chris knew that Max wasn' mgoing to do anything but he had
already got into enough trouble today so he decided to leave.
Fine." Chris said grabbing the knife again, "I' ll leave."
That' s probably best," Max said darkly.
Chris found Bradley and decided to sit by him instead, "Who was that?" Bradley asked when Chris arrived.
A friend."
Didn' t seem very friendly to me."
I almost killed him and he didn' t like that too much."
people almost every day here, its common when people try something new and mensoup."
That isn' t exactly a good thing for a school," C _ said, "and he didn' t seem to act a _ it was common."
t that common but it happens. I once almost disabled a group of students when I first tried my a w, if we didn' t have healers they would have been
I' m a Speeder."
A speeder?"
I run, I run extremely fast."
How fast?"
Faster than thebasisst can faster than sound, not faster than but I' m working on it."
How can you cripple people by running?"
Same way you do when you hit them with a car."
You ran them over?" Chris asked hor
I didn' t do it on purpose," Bradley complained, "I was going too fast to stop."
That still sounds incredibly painful."
Not for me, so what did you do to your 'friend' over there."
I almost numerated him."
Bradley thought that was hilarious, "How did you dothat?"
I don' t know, it inst, happened," then something occurred to him, did Max touch the ring, is that why he hated him, it couldn' t be, he hadn' t tried taking the ring, but the day wasn' t over yet
he should
be wary.
Chris d
ed to get a pizza, it was a quick eat and he wanted to playthrough his book that the Headmastership him. He decided to so something that couldn' t anyone around so he d
wasn' t something he needed the book for because he already knew that he had the a
tyto control water without nee _ to concentrate on hydrogen and oxygen, thepdoering part was the
only problem.
Chris downed the lieu e his glass and stuck h nger in the bottom of the glass and concentrated on water. It was as if on a faucet on , water hit the bottom
of the glass and shot upthe walls of the glass flying high into the sky. Chris took his hand out in m e and then suddenly the water was in the glass.
Is there something amusing about that?" a student asked aggravated.
Sorry just trying new things"
That' s what your Controlling the Ability class is for you _ _
Not making a lot of friends are you," Bradley laughed.
oh shuttup," Chris said.
Chris was going to try something else when he checked thetime and he had only ten minutes to get to his next class, he decided to firstgen a air before he went to his next class.
When he left the building he was about to take flight when he saw a student who looked like he was only eleven, and there was a student shaking things in his face and then throwing them to
the ground and s ,’'Th n' t allowed on school grounds." c recognized the student as zacharyw
Haven' t had enough for one day”/" was he to '
Well look who wad round two I don' t see any counselors around to protect you so what are you going to
I don' t need there protection I can dreamt you may pp
Big darfor someone who is about to lose their limbs pp Zach sneezed
Let' s go mm" was said egging Zach on
Aga' _ elect was side
Zach grabbed Chris' s arm back andthey hadent started to squeeze
Not that my is it pp Zach snickered Chris Whit know what to do he tried creating air groundies headed create pressure but the pain blocked out his concentration Then to Chris' s surprise Zach released
his hands in pain then he Chris but before he made contact there was wash oi' bcue back unconscious
He turned around to look at the boy than was being terrorized millet "Did you do than"
who pp he stuttered strak' mg his headin shock was scanned the group unpeople than were watching the tight to see 'fhe He was about to ask outland but he crumpled more
he (mated his mouth
That is the 8 chapter 9 be out as always Iwould stn like ideas on how to make this more the average IE. DR Everything help
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