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#23 - duedum (08/22/2013) [-]
I'm just gonna start the 						*********					,   
GTA is infinetly better than SR.   
I'm just gonna start the ********* ,

GTA is infinetly better than SR.

User avatar #160 to #23 - anthonyh (08/22/2013) [-]
I love them both, but I also love customization, which SR has a metric **** ton of.
User avatar #158 to #23 - thepandaking (08/22/2013) [-]
It's apples and dildoes, man. totally different games.
User avatar #144 to #23 - shoryuken (08/22/2013) [-]
I prefer gta, I think saints is just a blatant rip off
User avatar #137 to #23 - gitanisme (08/22/2013) [-]
You sir are really stupid. SR and GTA are completely different games and therefore can't be compared.
#133 to #23 - anonymous (08/22/2013) [-]
yeah but both games are for ******* pikeys and scumbags who don't know what a good game is
#105 to #23 - anonymous (08/22/2013) [-]
Depends, GTA V > SR4 but SR3 > GTA IV. (GTA IV was **** ...)
User avatar #155 to #105 - deviousdanish (08/22/2013) [-]
SR2 > SR3 (SR3 was **** ...)
#95 to #23 - anonymous (08/22/2013) [-]
They're so different at this point it's like saying a drama is better than a comedy, you might enjoy the drama more, but that doesn't mean it's better. The two can't be compared, you can only judge whether or not the succeed in what they set out to do, if it's make you cry and they have you on the floor weeping like a bitch then they've succeeded, but if you don't like crying you won't enjoy that. It's personal preference. I will give you that the first saints row was inferior to GTA 4 but now they've really made name for themselves and set themselves apart from the original GTA knockoff that it was, now SR4 and GTA5 look like completely different games. Frankly if you're still comparing the two it just shows that you haven't playing any of the recent games otherwise you would know that they're nothing alike and that they're not fit to be compared, so I don't believe you know what you're talking about.
User avatar #94 to #23 - mistafishy (08/22/2013) [-]
I feel like this is one of those comments where there's a secret thumb war happening this very second, and right now, GTA fans are winning it despite being trapped behind heavily fortified enemy lines...
User avatar #90 to #23 - willindor (08/22/2013) [-]
Depents what you prefer. If you want to play a silly game then it's SR for you.
#87 to #23 - tyroneisanigger has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #75 to #23 - gcaboose (08/22/2013) [-]
GTA 4 was a bit too slow but Saints Row felt really small for some reason
User avatar #68 to #23 - flutterfiresalt (08/22/2013) [-]
Depends on what you want. GTA is definitely for more ****** audiences, but Saints Row is definitely for people who just want to have fun.
#26 to #23 - slyve (08/22/2013) [-]
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I love them both equally and wouldn't wanna have to choose between the two. I hope they never decide to make one of them a console exclusive, that would suck ass.
User avatar #35 to #26 - duedum (08/22/2013) [-]
Sure sure, it's just that I'm way more impressed with GTA. Also, when I mean SR, I mean the new ones. Hitting people with dildobats and stuff was funny for a while, but in the end, that was really it. Don't really like the map layout in SR3 either.
User avatar #38 to #35 - tmgrskat (08/22/2013) [-]
SR2 was Godlike.
Now it's just trying too hard to be random.
User avatar #27 to #26 - slyve (08/22/2013) [-]
I think "wouldn't wanna have" is grammatically ****** beyond saving, but i can't really figure out how that sentence should be written. Just ignore your inner grammar nazi and tell him i tried my best.
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