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"you can only die once, make sure it is worth it"
-Dimitry "Dima" Mayakawski, BF3
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Whole quote.
"Radiation is like life. A uniquely damaging event. Perhaps i will live another 30 years. Perhaps i will die tomorrow. I'm tell my story here. A story about how Solomon used power hungry men like Al Bashir and Kaffarov to set fire to the world. And the American marine, like me, who chose the hardest path of all. But i have no regrets I have always served Russia, trying to make a difference. Sometimes, i was forced to make difficult choices. Many lives have been saved and many have been lost. I'm sure Moscow does not see it the way i do."
"But enough is enough"
"As Vladimir once said, you can only die once. Make sure it worth it"
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