Birthday cake. Made this cake for my girlfriends birthday Idea from: tuomas. riddlers; wall Birthday Cake Lots of chocolate Dick pussy
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#1 - vorarephilia ONLINE (08/20/2013) [-]
User avatar #3 - hockeycrazysteve (08/20/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I was wondering just this morning what the best way was to clog my arteries and die a painful death. Seems i can do it for on $50
#8 - lawerancearm (08/21/2013) [-]
You can already feel the diabeetus kicking in.
User avatar #2 - jacksipian (08/20/2013) [-]
oh look, diabetes in edible form! you can go into a sugar coma and never come out! ...yay?
User avatar #4 - doyouevenfap (08/20/2013) [-]
Welcome to America ladies and gentlemen.
#5 - suchtino ONLINE (08/20/2013) [-]
best breakfast ever
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