The SheWee. the lady dck. Wee Because the name "Lady DIR‘ u: ' t go over well with focus groups.
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The SheWee

the lady d*ck

Tags: genitals
Because the name "Lady DIR‘ u: ' t go over well with focus groups.
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Submitted: 08/20/2013
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User avatar #117 - biggrand (08/21/2013) [-]
more like finger armor!
User avatar #106 - firstresponder (08/21/2013) [-]
I would actually buy this
#101 - anonymoose (08/21/2013) [-]
I wanna smell one
User avatar #99 - Lintutu (08/21/2013) [-]
This would actually be useful during a long car ride and you need to get out IMMEDIATELY with no bathroom in sight. Or if you're camping.

Seriously, peeing without a toilet sucks. You have to take pants off ALL the way, squat, hope to god it doesn't run down your leg instead of straight down, drip dry, and then feel gross
User avatar #102 to #99 - krajan (08/21/2013) [-]
lets not forget about that poison ivy u just rubbed all over your butt while squatting
User avatar #103 to #102 - Lintutu (08/21/2013) [-]
why would you park your ass directly on the poison ivy?
User avatar #104 to #103 - krajan (08/21/2013) [-]
believe it or not allot of people do not knowing most of the female ive met that havent been camping have done it and its funny as hell
User avatar #88 - machomustachio (08/20/2013) [-]
Here I am with an Asian dating site ad
User avatar #82 - martycamp (08/20/2013) [-]
Personally, I think it makes it too easy for female hang gliders to piss on us
#65 - bronywhat (08/20/2013) [-]
Figures she'd be wearing softball gear.
#62 - worried (08/20/2013) [-]
hahaha... i could picture this is good way for females to get rid of guys in the morning, this is what went through my head ....

>be a 10/10 female
>out on ladies night thursday with the girls
>5/10 beta male musters up the courage to come up to me
>not too cute but whatever, he got me and my girls free drinks all night
>wake up next morning
>turn over and see a person
>hey sexy
>guy turns around, 5/10 geek was next to me
>guy is *****
>i am *****
> *********************************
>remember BFF bought me a shenis as a gag gift
>get up and go to the bathroom and pick up shenis
>start peeing standing up ***** with my back to him
>turn to him and say "i love a good bottom"
>shake, put on pants, and scratch my non existent balls
>tell him wanna get brunch
>5/10 leaves within the next 30 seconds
User avatar #116 to #62 - hawaiianhappysauce (08/21/2013) [-]
hold on a minute... do women really go out for one night stands like that?
#118 to #116 - worried (08/21/2013) [-]
so ive heard
User avatar #127 to #118 - hawaiianhappysauce (08/21/2013) [-]
I don't think that's how it works. From what I've read, observed, and discussed women don't have a 1 night stand with men who are a 5/10. Furthermore it is very uncommon for them to go back to the woman's place.
#92 to #62 - anonymous (08/20/2013) [-]
Good job taking the idea out of an ad. Whiz Biz - Are you sure you slept with a woman?
#94 to #92 - worried (08/20/2013) [-]
This image has expired
lol, oh **** , took the idea right out of my head... but then again.... everyone and their mother would think of that one..... thats like saying "id stick my dick in it" when talking about this <-
User avatar #64 to #62 - navadae (08/20/2013) [-]
...or he says "Oh **** , i thought I made a mistake... brunch sounds great!"
#66 to #64 - worried (08/20/2013) [-]
if he was really gay, than he wouldnt have gone home with a chick... and if he was BI then chances are that he would be taking good care of himself and wouldn't be a 5/10.... a butterface would be an 8/10 easy
User avatar #69 to #66 - terrria **User deleted account** (08/20/2013) [-]
wait, what? what if he's bi and has face aids? does being bi just make you able to overcome facial deformity. I'm confused by half the brain just isnt right now.
#74 to #69 - worried (08/20/2013) [-]
This image has expired
<- this
User avatar #67 to #66 - navadae (08/20/2013) [-]
being bi doesn't necessarily mean people take better care of themselves...
also bi doesn't always mean they like chicks with dicks
also doesnt need to be gay to like dick.. some people are into herms (not my thing but its true)
#70 to #67 - worried (08/20/2013) [-]
have you ever seen a poorly groomed gay/bi guy?
User avatar #76 to #70 - terrria **User deleted account** (08/20/2013) [-]
#86 to #76 - worried (08/20/2013) [-]
nice default pic
User avatar #71 to #70 - navadae (08/20/2013) [-]
yep, a few actually
#72 to #71 - worried (08/20/2013) [-]
whats the ratio of poorly groomed to well manicured that you've met?
User avatar #79 to #72 - terrria **User deleted account** (08/20/2013) [-]
The ******* same as every other sexuality
#81 to #79 - worried (08/20/2013) [-]
ok, ill give you girls... those ******* butch women make my penis grow a new forskin and retract... but gay/bi guys?!?!?!? ive seen better groomed men then some females
User avatar #73 to #72 - navadae (08/20/2013) [-]
close on 50/50 honestly.. you`re just grouping people together too easily
#77 to #73 - worried (08/20/2013) [-]
i call ******** .... maybe where you're from.... but where im from, its more like 95/100
#85 to #77 - pineapplepeople (08/20/2013) [-]
You... You do realize that in the the context of her statement 50/50 wasn't a fraction, right? And if you are using the same context you just added it up to 195%.
#87 to #85 - worried (08/20/2013) [-]
i meant 95 out of 100, he meant 50:50... if you use / it turns it into a fraction
#89 to #87 - pineapplepeople (08/20/2013) [-]
I understand how fractions work, I just assumed you were using the same notation he/she was. Also, "he/she" is not meant as a fraction in this comment.
User avatar #80 to #77 - navadae (08/20/2013) [-]
then that's just where you`re from.. and do you know every single person there?

like i said, you`re grouping people too easily.. gay =/= perfectly groomed
#83 to #80 - worried (08/20/2013) [-]
i live in NYC.... probably has one of the highest concentration of GBLT in the country... and no, i dont know every person there, but out of all the gay plp i see in the streets (trust me... they let you know over here)95% of them are extremely well manicured... a few might me obese... but still well manicured
User avatar #91 to #83 - navadae (08/20/2013) [-]
but what about all the other people you pay little attention to, of those people you think NONE are gay/bi? at all?

everyone is different in so many ways, but you just look at the surface
#96 to #91 - worried (08/20/2013) [-]
dude.... im just saying most gay dudes take care of themselves....... i dont think that they care if i notice them or not.... they ******* live in NYC... chances are they are gona run into someone who would bang them
User avatar #97 to #96 - navadae (08/20/2013) [-]
#98 to #97 - worried (08/21/2013) [-]
no, im not saying ALL gay guys are manicured, im saying that the majority [that i have come into contact] of gay men are usually pretty well groomed
User avatar #100 to #98 - navadae (08/21/2013) [-]
well see now you`re changing what you said to begin with.. originally you just said "all homosexuals are well groomed"
#115 to #100 - worried (08/21/2013) [-]
no, the most i said was 95% of all the gay guys IVE met are properly groomed
User avatar #121 to #115 - navadae (08/21/2013) [-]
now you`re trying to save face.. re-read what you put before.. you never mentioned it's only "who you met" you just generalized
#123 to #121 - worried (08/21/2013) [-]
which one?
User avatar #124 to #123 - navadae (08/21/2013) [-]
comments #66 #70 #77 #83 #96
#126 to #124 - saladtongsofdeath (08/21/2013) [-]
as a gay guy, id have to agree with worried, i have absolutely no problem with a straight guy saying that we're goodlooking and groomed
#125 to #124 - worried (08/21/2013) [-]
66 i said a ugly guy can jump 3 numbers up if they groom themselves, 70 im asking if you've ever seen a ungroomed gay guy (valid question, was looking for a percentage after the fact) 77 i said that 95% of the gay men that IVE met are well manicured) 83 i said it prob has one of the highest concentration of GLBT i said again 95% are well manicured and 96 i said most gay guys are well manicured (compared to straight men, but that goes without saying) and it'll be really hard to find a gay guy that takes offence to a straight man saying that they are groomed, sharp and overall good-looking.... i dare say they might even be flattered
User avatar #61 - enforecer (08/20/2013) [-]
grow a longer urethra
#59 - anonymous (08/20/2013) [-]
Got a P-Style for my GF last year. She ******* loves it and has some disposable ones for **** toilets.
User avatar #56 - ilovehitler (08/20/2013) [-]
I wanna stick my dick in it.
User avatar #54 - dongers (08/20/2013) [-]
wouldnt that make like the entire vag all covered in piss?
#51 - weinerdick (08/20/2013) [-]
I made my own for my mom   
I just cut out a hole on the bottom of a plastic cup
I made my own for my mom
I just cut out a hole on the bottom of a plastic cup
#50 - hankmccoy (08/20/2013) [-]
the name is everything *pic related
#68 to #50 - hawkbamf (08/20/2013) [-]
I always liked the manzier better.
#75 to #68 - hankmccoy (08/20/2013) [-]
#78 to #75 - hawkbamf (08/20/2013) [-]
That reaction is too perfect.
#48 - pendahli (08/20/2013) [-]
You can't really keep it in your purse or anything, you gotta ******* wash this **** after use. WHY THE **** WOULD YOU MAKE SUCH A THING.
#44 - lankyman (08/20/2013) [-]
konnie huq's big wee Konnie Huq test drives

A tantalizing experience for all, I guarantee
#38 - silentsteve (08/20/2013) [-]
that thing would scare the piss out of me. forgive me please
#35 - ribbedandstudded ONLINE (08/20/2013) [-]
For everyone like "yeah, then you put the piss soaked thing back in you pocket. Awesome."

... It comes with a carrying case... and what I can only assume is an over-sized catheter.

Can't post pictures... just google it and look under images. you won't find anything NFSW, I promise. I tried
#36 to #35 - anonymous (08/20/2013) [-]
I just thought it was disposable but that works too.
User avatar #33 - annoos (08/20/2013) [-]
You put it in your peehole, you pee through it, you take it out and put it back in your pocket. Bueno.
User avatar #40 to #33 - bajowski (08/20/2013) [-]
You don't put it IN anything...
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