Something I wrote. . Words to remember. Life' s long and the only thing you will truly regret are not telling the people you love how you feel. Despite what the Something I wrote Words to remember Life' s long and the only thing you will truly regret are not telling people love how feel Despite what
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Something I wrote

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Words to remember.
Life' s long and the only thing you will truly regret are not telling the people you love how you feel.
Despite what the media says there wilt be times that it is too late, so do not wait. The hardest times
will be trying to let go of a person you still love and want in your life, be it that they passed away or
that they no longer want to be with you. In times like these try to take something away from the
situation. Pain helps people learn and the devastating feeling you' ll experience will make sure you
never forget what you take away from this situation. Make moments count, remember all your good
qualities and though l me be hard, stay positive. Be kind to people, and be there in their times of
strife, you' ll need them in your' s more than you know. Other people are the best antidote to the downs
of life, and the single most reliable up.
Never do something out of spite, it may feel good in the moment, however you' ll look back and realize
how childish it really was. Do not be mad f other people have what you want, figure out what you
want and go get it. However, f you want to be with someone and they do not feel the same respect
their decision. Never cheat on someone, f you truly care about them you should not need someone
else and fyou do not care end the relationship. Cheating on someone creates more problems for the
person cheated on and you never want to be the reason for that. Relationships are something to be
cherished and not taken for granted. Always show people you care and appreciate them, never
assume they know. Be happy that good things are happening to people you know, no one likes
someone who is selfish and cannot share in other' s success. you' d want people to be happy f good
things were coming to you.
Learn to vocalize your feelings, the earlier you learn how to say exactly how you feel the easier l is to
connect with people. Learn how those who matter to you interpret love and appreciation, be it as gifts,
a hug or just words. Once you learn this apply it, randomly and often. Try not to live in your head too
much, no man is an island and reality is a shared perception, you need to see other perspectives. You
do not always need to win, learning to lose gracefully is a skill that shows maturity. You will also be
surprised how much you can learn from losing. Always keep your promises, f you are not 100%
certain you can deliver on a request do not promise it. Help others and do not expect anything in
return. Most of all even though love will tear you up and spit you out keep the hope that it will all be
worth it. Despite the fact hope can be the most dangerous thing, it can also be the only thing that
keeps you in the game when nothing is going your way, and ifyou are not in the game you have
already lost.
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