Ha ha!. Good one!.. I'd rather say they taste scary... scary as
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Ha ha!

Good one!

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Submitted: 08/18/2013
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User avatar #2 - grandtheftkoala **User deleted account** (08/18/2013) [+] (4 replies)
I'd rather say they taste scary... scary as ****
#10 - theist (08/18/2013) [+] (7 replies)
Somehow this joke reminded me of this
#1 - technicalknockout (08/18/2013) [-]
Banksy has started to head downhill...
#6 - thatonecommunist ONLINE (08/18/2013) [-]
"Oh wow, these clowns are hilarious!"

-No one, Ever
#4 - magli (08/18/2013) [-]
" two cannibals are eating a clown, one turns to the other and asks, 'does this taste funny to you?'"
-fallout 3 joke ask mister handy to tell you a joke
User avatar #11 - XxElJuegoxX (08/18/2013) [-]
I found this joke under a wrapper of an Arizona juice can. It was a little unsettling since it was a new flavor
User avatar #7 - Sabor (08/18/2013) [-]
I think the black and white colour filter added a lot to that joke.
#5 - thatonecommunist has deleted their comment [-]
#3 - whatasickname (08/18/2013) [-]
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User avatar #13 - smellmyfaceforswag ONLINE (08/19/2013) [-]
Why does OP eat dicks?

Because he's a admin, leader of the glorious North Korea.
#8 - aguywithlonghair ONLINE (08/18/2013) [-]
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Because of this mofo.

Movie is called 'IT'
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