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#33 - Ken M (08/14/2013) [-]
Too bad he will end up getting a job at mcdonalds because going to college is retarded and a waste of time, he has no skills in any trade, the dad looks mad disappointed he wasted his life on this. All you college fags on this site have ****** minimum wage jobs at fast food joints and are wasting your lives hahahaha ******* college fags. Im 17 and i make 600-800 a week because im not a retard in college hahahahahahahha ******* admins.
#264 to #33 - chopsaw (08/14/2013) [-]
even at $800 a week you are getting around $41 000 a year, and considering you have no credentials thats probably the most you are going to get, so i dont see why you are being an asshole
User avatar #247 to #33 - ashler (08/14/2013) [-]
Why don't you log in and say that?
#246 to #33 - jameshill (08/14/2013) [-]
here's the thing though, it's people like you who end up working at walmart, Mcdonalds or whatever floats your boat. Seeing how you make 600-800 dollars a week thats nice and all, but I'm going to assume one of the three things

1. you're full of **** and have nothing better to do than make yourself feel guud on the internet because you're anon and that makes you a admin

2. Your daddy owns a company (most likely a painting company) and you get paid a ridiculous wage for a 17 year old ( or you just have a "big daddy" who just buys you **** so he doesn't have to deal with your ungrateful ass)

3. You deal; whether it be weed,coke or cock whatever you fancy

Personally i thinks its the first one, because well let's face it you're a admin anon.

So in conclusion, I hope you don't breed

P.S. Have a nice day you asshat
User avatar #276 to #246 - szymonf (08/14/2013) [-]
Number 2 really made me giggle.
and he is probably just trolling.
User avatar #278 to #276 - jameshill (08/15/2013) [-]
lol well its probably true, but yeah obvious troll is obvious
#225 to #33 - Ken M (08/14/2013) [-]
I got a Mechanical Engineering degree and am starting of at $74,000 with plenty of room for advancement. Looks like you are the tard.
#202 to #33 - Ken M (08/14/2013) [-]
ho boy 600-800 week I wish I could make a staggering 38,400 a year before taxes (tops)
#191 to #33 - captaincapital (08/14/2013) [-]
**captaincapital rolled a random image posted in comment #3267111 at Friendly ** If that helps you sleep at night, I guess
#179 to #33 - partisan (08/14/2013) [-]
Hey I make that at my current job, part time, and I don't even have my degree yet. Get some anon.
#164 to #33 - twofreegerbils (08/14/2013) [-]
>Thinks $37k a year before tax is a lot
#159 to #33 - icantbelieveitsnot (08/14/2013) [-]
A person with an average bachelors degree makes nearly double that of an average high school graduate. cute that you think your hot **** , if a college grad then goes on to graduate school, say med school, doctors can make two to three times what you make in a week each day.
User avatar #120 to #33 - wooyoungkim (08/14/2013) [-]
You must be one of those people who say they make 600 dollars in your house and tells us to join some site or ******** .
User avatar #84 to #33 - therealpokemon (08/14/2013) [-]
You can make 600-800 dollars a week, two years out of college I'll be making 1200 a week. Why? Because there's a market for business majors with experience in IT. IT Director BEYETCH.
User avatar #71 to #33 - drumtastic (08/14/2013) [-]
Don't go to college, and talk to me in a couple years.We'll see who's doing better than the other.
User avatar #81 to #71 - minecraftlamer (08/14/2013) [-]
its not unlikely that he could be doing better as a non college kid then you who did go trough college.
User avatar #234 to #81 - fuelnfire ONLINE (08/14/2013) [-]
600-800 a week is, well. Not that much, especially since this is most likely his gross inc.
User avatar #251 to #234 - minecraftlamer (08/14/2013) [-]
i know 20 year old car mechanics who make around 55,000 - 60,000 euro a year here in belgium taxes excluded

and thats the part they earn legit.

thats between 73k dollars and 79,5k dollars a year
User avatar #257 to #251 - fuelnfire ONLINE (08/14/2013) [-]
Me and my friend worked as welders in our 20s. easy 45 an hour.
#58 to #33 - Blasphemer (08/14/2013) [-]
And we still allow people like this guy to vote.
#197 to #58 - Ken M (08/14/2013) [-]
Don't be silly... we anons can't vote. Thank 4dm1n for that.
#167 to #58 - Ken M (08/14/2013) [-]
he's 17... If he's from America, he can't vote yet. However, we continually stop 'voter-id laws', so he probably can vote
User avatar #155 to #58 - StrawhatBrian (08/14/2013) [-]
Don't be silly Blasphemer. That guy doesn't know how to vote. He's too busy living in his parents basement and trying to seduce 13 year old boys online to have any idea how the real world works.
#57 to #33 - scantoz (08/14/2013) [-]
Lmfao you probably work in a factory 12 hours a day and when you hit 18 youll start being taxed , say good bye to 200-300 dollars . If you go to college for some stupid program then you wont find a job but what do you say to those people that graduate from engineering schools or lets say pharmacy college and make 90 grand a year starting? Keep working in the factory, we need more slaves.
User avatar #53 to #33 - kasperscar (08/14/2013) [-]
600-800 full time? That's not very good.
User avatar #54 to #53 - cousin (08/14/2013) [-]
Where the hell do you live!?
User avatar #59 to #54 - kasperscar (08/14/2013) [-]
Australia, In Melbourne. If you want to survive at all you need a job that pays at least $1000-$1300, Cause Electricity bills and such are quite high. Last electricity bill was just over $1000.
User avatar #73 to #59 - elyiia (08/14/2013) [-]
Keep in mind though, that the cost of living here in Australia is higher than it is in the US
User avatar #60 to #59 - cousin (08/14/2013) [-]
What, a week?
User avatar #61 to #60 - kasperscar (08/14/2013) [-]
Yeah man, 8am - 5pm, Office job.
User avatar #62 to #61 - cousin (08/14/2013) [-]
Bloody hell. That is insane. I'm in the UK and I earn equivalent to 2000ish AUD. I'm earning a lot more than min wage.
User avatar #63 to #62 - kasperscar (08/14/2013) [-]
Oh, That Ain't Min Wage, Mine wage down Here is like $8 an hour under 18, And like $20 dollers over 18. Jesus man, 2000 a week or a month?
User avatar #66 to #63 - cousin (08/14/2013) [-]
£1.2k a month. More than enough to live on to be fair.
Min wage 21 and over is £6.19.
User avatar #86 to #66 - lolme (08/14/2013) [-]
1.2£ a month? You can live on that? I thought the UK was more expensive than that. With 1.2£ a month in Norway you could pay for a cheap appartment, electricity and that's almost it, you'd have to live on rice for a month and clothing wouldn't exactly be your main worry.
User avatar #87 to #86 - lolme (08/14/2013) [-]
Forgot to add the k!
User avatar #89 to #87 - cousin (08/14/2013) [-]
Some people are on min wage, working around 140 hours a week which (if you are over 21) works out to be £866.60 per month.
As long as you get a good mortgage and shop around for utilities, you'll be left over with about less than £150 a month probably (for food and whatever). I couldn't live like that, no way. But some people have too.
User avatar #92 to #89 - lolme (08/14/2013) [-]
With a minimum wage in norway you'd be left with something along the lines of 1600£ before taxes (For 140h a month), but Norway is also more expensive to live in and the cost of renting or buying an appartment/house is just ridiculous.
User avatar #94 to #92 - cousin (08/14/2013) [-]
The question is, is everything double the price in Norway compared to Britain? If it isn't, then you're getting a better deal on min wage!
User avatar #96 to #94 - lolme (08/14/2013) [-]
Well, if you buy stuff with your brain and not your eyes then a bread will cost around 1-1.5£, a pack of ham 3£, cheese 5-6£, butter 1.5£, dinner at home for one person around 5-8£ etc. Going out to eat in norway is a scam, one pizza at a pizza place is around 25-30£, restaurant dinner is around 30-50£. Oh, and let's not forget to mention that tobacco and alcohol is taxed to hell, one 20 pack of cigs is around 10£ and one beer in stores is around 3£. (Keep in mind that all these examples are focusing on the cheap stuff.)
User avatar #109 to #96 - cousin (08/14/2013) [-]
That is quite a bit more expensive. But not double, so I guess you get more on min wage. But, it would still kill me to buy a single beer for £3, so I guess I am quite happy staying in Britain!
User avatar #114 to #109 - lolme (08/14/2013) [-]
Yeah, alcohol is indeed quite expensive, but most of the 18 year olds with jobs and no graduation have around 1600-2000£ after taxes.
User avatar #116 to #114 - cousin (08/14/2013) [-]
Lucky you/them, eh?
#118 to #116 - lolme (08/14/2013) [-]
I'm currently jobless at the age of 19, so lucky them, not me.
I'm currently jobless at the age of 19, so lucky them, not me.
User avatar #134 to #118 - cousin (08/14/2013) [-]
Well I hope you get it sorted man. It is pretty difficult to live with.
#147 to #134 - lolme (08/14/2013) [-]
Thanks man, same to you.
Thanks man, same to you.
User avatar #130 to #118 - cousin (08/14/2013) [-]
Not surprised you were shocked. If my account balance stays above £300 at the end of the month, I have a little party in my head.
Don't blame you, I used to be the same. But it got to the point where I couldn't even walk down the street without having a panic attack. But I had a bike crash 3 months ago so the docs think it is happening because of that or some **** .
User avatar #132 to #130 - lolme (08/14/2013) [-]
Oh, mine isn't that bad. It's just that I can't start conversations with people I don't know and I usually walk another way if I see people comming down the same road as me etc. I also hate being in groups of people I don't know, I'm very self aware and I think people find me boring. So it could be worse, but I could do without it.
User avatar #126 to #118 - cousin (08/14/2013) [-]
Comment limit reached.
£2.2k !?!?!? Sweet mother of Jesus!
**** dude, I have social anxiety as well! Docs got me on some pills until they can get me in to see someone or some **** . Good thing I work with computers though.
User avatar #128 to #126 - lolme (08/14/2013) [-]
Those were almost the exact same words uttered by my female companion by myself when I checked my balance, I knew they paid well but I was still shocked. You also got free dinner and **** (When I say dinner I mean DINNER, not some **** splashed onto a plate.) I worked 12 hours a day though so it was quite heavy on the body. I'm going to a psychiatrist, I hate pills and I refuse to take anything unless it's gonna save my life.
User avatar #121 to #118 - cousin (08/14/2013) [-]
God damn. Wish you the best of luck finding a job man! I didn't have a job for about 8 months and I know how depressing it can be.
User avatar #124 to #121 - lolme (08/14/2013) [-]
I've had three jobs, but all of them were only for a given period. One of them earned me 2.2k£ on 5 days though, that was awesome. (Shame it only lasted for 5 days, was supposed to work there for 14+ but it finished much faster than expected.) So now I'm kinda stuck at home, trying to "fix" my social anxiety before trying to get a new more permanent job.
User avatar #67 to #66 - kasperscar (08/14/2013) [-]
Oh nice, Sounds good, Keep chill, And goodluck on any future endeavours. Cheers
#69 to #67 - cousin (08/14/2013) [-]
You too bud.
#49 to #33 - aqwtg (08/14/2013) [-]
User avatar #44 to #33 - tammus (08/14/2013) [-]
I think a McDonald's wager would easily satisfy his families needs.
#43 to #33 - breymac **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#38 to #33 - Ken M (08/14/2013) [-]
So around 3k/month? I make around 7k thanks to college, ******* .
#40 to #38 - Ken M (08/14/2013) [-]
lol but being 17 making 3k a month is still pretty good lmao majority of kids aren't even in college by 17 yet alone have jobs
User avatar #35 to #33 - xmonke (08/14/2013) [-]
That's only lower-middle class. You're not that smart.
User avatar #34 to #33 - unclejungle (08/14/2013) [-]
Having yourself a giggle, Mate? Feeling pretty mad there, Champ? Still a huge douche there, Bucko? How about you educate yourself, Sport? Are you rather upset by the fact that despite your efforts you will still likely remain an invalid for the greater majority of your life there, Pal?
Troll harder, admin.
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