Peter Rabbit, Tank Killer. . PETER RABBIT TANK KILLER POTTER SVEN HASSEL moron swam ONCE upon an rims. thew were four little nouns. , Mum, mu Peru. They lived w
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Peter Rabbit, Tank Killer

moron swam
ONCE upon an rims. thew were four little
nouns. , Mum, mu
Peru. They lived with may mother, old Mrs
Rabbit, m a warren which looman - m an
bocu: macd we - rather like ms may
of world War one
one day, Peter' s said, " am gang m
lurker w sell my millem
You may all play in the wood if you w h
but, Panel, you and your naughty comm
Hunna an: In): to Mr
nor blow up any many'
And mm than she left u ,
w h of rusting skins
But ow That rem our ,
No smart had his mother Id: rm he
armed for camber and hopped pmlm to the
end are hoe to with no consul
As are (Wu young mom men
ginning‘. may suddenly beam:
swan: or u muphry and
Loling up me mud‘
Their we hears m r laurier, my -
judiciously "vmml me
2 what do yin mm ths our
young um’ whan my out?
Mr : ) r m r Mk ll Tlga tank mm
Mam and Mo
7( namm machine guns!
Tr: quack and an (In:
gun mm om Kittens' whispered sen nu
So (‘emu nicur on are on
lva kittan' s house.
Duck!’ my him ‘Land nu: Vnm
Mummy:/, fur Mr a mo. Funk
on will Mast UN on mm bloods shards or
flash, bone and renews pulp if we am not mu»:
Tum men gun: Paar hrs gun
willingly, rm an Mcgregor had scolded huh
mutt. an by the rune Paar "stucco u. his
coll dalvin on up rho road
and oneness are on lerning , killerp
her instantly
flunk golducks you ‘An: nor rho Last
tardy" med Us .nnerr. as mu turret m
s rank slow turned Towards me
humble mode at Mm !) Fam;
tht: ****** !'
TER steadied the hunk: an his shoulder
and one - link rabbit eye
down are swgm
Now. mebers an lam of cams. no wary
our anon do your ' sitll a
C matured; Overdid um mus
will Po dammed square into
eths' rarr' s you hm mm
who engines. sanding unending
kid‘; nany' whee:!
rage's, pruane my Myer in a we you
mam limb Durand!’ exploed Peru and
gum’: we why Imp for joy.
my on den! Mr was moped,
l the burning plume: tank and was
mg and hr to burst!
ICU me, please!‘ he or the
tall, . 'Fur I rm rapped and rarely afraid that
L than slowly hum an death from thc Icy
maryln Bonny med his mm and
pumped r ml magnum: into are dammned Mr
s nerd, thereby solving me pretty
Elli: pickle they had found themselves ml
ll on sudden, annular hatch opened and
who should fly our but Mr Moe; Regor' r and
Naw, ' s fuller had no opinion
or are but Benjamin was shimmed
of them and would we mun surely voided
himself in his suit: had nor the an been one
huge my tenures mu may damning.
When Mr ' s at romeo and by
an the we e rabbis exchanged salutes,
m meet mm nun
nanny and an hurried but no main
respective domicile;
on dad Old Mrs Rabbit ml m
tin autumn when are loomed whiz her
C _ naughty son Petr had been mun
Indana dines luv: I mm ya» about
blowing up nub!’ she eluded You In a
naughty, Wicked rabbit!‘
Flow, Moosy and (‘ who had not
assaulted any omgerd vaults, were
with fresh and mum; and
Misha but sent to bed without any
Bur then, who Wants m cat our rabbit food
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Submitted: 08/13/2013
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#1 - hangingtree ONLINE (08/13/2013) [-]
#2 - codweb (08/13/2013) [+] (2 replies)
That's a T34, admin.

Otherwise, stellar job.
User avatar #6 - zafara ONLINE (08/14/2013) [-]
Holy crap this is real.
User avatar #4 - HunterAsesino (08/14/2013) [-]
panzerfaust =/= bazooka
#3 - bonlino (08/13/2013) [-]
'ss death bastard regiment'
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