Digital art comp. My Dribbble account: .. Well done, very well done.
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Digital art comp

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Submitted: 08/11/2013
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User avatar #248 - daentraya (08/12/2013) [-]
The maple one has a terrible color balance, as well as the one below it.. That's all i can arse to say
User avatar #247 - masterchieflol (08/12/2013) [-]
You got some talent dude
#246 - zinson (08/12/2013) [-]
oh my god! Locke was amazing
User avatar #245 - tehlulzbringer (08/12/2013) [-]
how'd this get to front page
User avatar #243 - oiman (08/12/2013) [-]
dude keep you art on art sites. getting your ass kissed by people who dont know art doesnt mean **** and you should feel bad for doing it
User avatar #242 - shonapope (08/12/2013) [-]
Jesus **** . I can draw, without a computer, and I think I'm pretty ******* good at it.
But this, I want to learn how to do this.
User avatar #241 - toastyghosty (08/12/2013) [-]
The ampersand really disappoints me. I could easily make something like it, only with more consistent shading, I mean really.
#236 - dtanobo ONLINE (08/12/2013) [-]
I would totally pay for this guy to make an album cover for me. He is incredible! I want to contact his dribbble account
#233 - drewilking (08/12/2013) [-]
you made all that and you used those thumbs at the bottom? cmon man
#231 - lookatmyhouseofwax (08/12/2013) [-]
User avatar #227 - pudingcade (08/12/2013) [-]
can someone give me the fifth one please
#226 - anonymous (08/12/2013) [-]
**** your art, admin, this isn't deviantart or some other ****** art site.
#225 - romuarska (08/12/2013) [-]
john lockes fw 100hours on paint
User avatar #223 - tidex (08/12/2013) [-]
Is it possible to get the tree one as a hq-wallpaper?
#222 - raulmenendez (08/12/2013) [-]
do porn
User avatar #221 - everheat ONLINE (08/12/2013) [-]
I mean, it's all pretty awesome, but it's not funny. Surprised how this got into first place.
User avatar #229 to #221 - viscerys (08/12/2013) [-]
Are you genuinely surprised? How is it possible to be surprised at this stage?
User avatar #239 to #229 - everheat ONLINE (08/12/2013) [-]
I guess ''surprised'' was a wrong choice of words.
User avatar #240 to #239 - viscerys (08/12/2013) [-]
However, I understand what you mean.
User avatar #220 - sgtxconnor (08/12/2013) [-]
Sir, if I may ask. How does one go about doing something like the Maple one? I think it looks amazing. Good stuff man.
User avatar #235 to #220 - toastyghosty (08/12/2013) [-]
The way I see it, it looks like a lot of time making shapes, outlining them with the paint tool for a shadow effect and then adding some transparent text/circles
The idea of it is really amazing, it would probably take a bit of time to do but actually making it, I'd think is simple.
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