Another epic facebook status. Trolling included!. status " Aimee‘ is so dumb about things. chours ago Comment Like as Tm ‘likes this. Allen "also, you' re ugly, facebook status funny
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Another epic facebook status

Another epic facebook status. Trolling included!. status " Aimee‘ is so dumb about things. chours ago Comment Like as Tm ‘likes this. Allen "also, you' re ugly,

Trolling included!

status "
Aimee‘ is so dumb about things.
chours ago Comment Like
as Tm ‘likes this.
Allen "also, you' re ugly,
4 hours ago
Lake - Also, you have seafood pouring
out of your vagina,
4 hours ago
Alle" ‘also, your Race looks We a pile of dirt was on fire
and someone used a screwdriver to put it out.
q hours ago
Your hair is made snakes and you
b. trn puppies to stone every time they look you in the eye.
4 hours ago - Delete
Luke ‘Also, no one actually likes you
and most people have tried to run you down with their tars.
q hours ago
4 hours ago
Allen‘ also, Sarah Palm is smarter than you.
4 hours ago
e‘ A. lso, so is Sarah Palm' s
4 hours ago
Allen! also, f Sarah Palm' s Corky had a baby with the
real Cor y, you' d be that baby.
4 hours ago
at hours ago
e— Also, you might already be that
baby, and by ‘you might already be that baby' I mean ‘you
are seriously the worst person I' ever mom.‘
4 hours ago
Allen] Aimee just got -
at hours ago
Allenjail now she' s gonna cry big fiat girl tears and
spaghetti sauce
l hours ago
She' s crying period blood at this
very moment,
3 hours ago
Aimee‘ I' m crying MURDERS, . . TDD!
3 hours ago
Allen‘ also, she' s crying anal leakage from her lace-
anus (her mouth)
3 hours ago
John ‘Also, she is a birther who brings dead babies
to health are rallies.
2 hours ago , Delete
Lttle: e— Also, Aimee has crippling butt
snakes disease. Itis brought about by being literally retarded,
2 hours ago
Kelly than fuck the Phone and it' s touch screen!
Seriously, is might be the funniest string I'
ever seen! The SP jokes are Just awesome haha
2 hours ago
Kelly 2% ignore my Phone rant, I didn' t realize I could
delete a comment after it posted ;)
2 hours ago
LEAVEE Also, Aimee just scissored Kelly
is death.
2 hours ago
Allen jam, aimee has supernerds that she taught From
sharing heroin needles while sitting on a dirty taet seat that
Magic Johnson AND Ryan White used.
2 hours ago
Luke‘ Also, she h: ked that toilet seat
dean while Magic Johnson and Ryan White were still on it,
I hours ago
Allen] also, she taught supernerds From fingering greg
s butthole, then not washing her hands, and then
touching raw chicken, and then rubbing her eyes
2 hours ago
Luke ',, , , e'er after she rubbed her eyes,
she wen e ump a a everything in sight, then went
out and got timers so she didn' t have to use the bathroom
anymore, then ate all of her used diapers.
2 hours ago
euu, ynrn/, 'atch/ 55587/
2 hours ago
Aimee didn' t want to tell anyone this, but
she is Tubgirl.
2 hours ago
Luke‘ Also, she h: ked the we dean
after being photographed as turgid,
2 hours ago
John - Also, she is a holocaust denier and refuses to
give her to her HF, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
2 hours ago . Delete
Aimee - I rant take this, I have to commit suicide
2 hours ago
2 hours ago
2 hours ago . Delete
Luke - I ant believe more people didn' t
try to hurt you. I guess you know who your real friends a. re,
Also, I hope you seriously did kill yourself and never actuaally
get to read this comment.
2 hours ago
Aimee‘ I didn' t kill myself, IN MORE
I hours ago
Luke - Thanks, Aimee. This is now the
worst day of my HE.
2 hours ago
aimee. NOT cool.
2 hours ago
Aimee ‘THE an now.
2 hours ago
2 hours ago
Aimee‘ -[vi
2 hours ago
Allen] last word
2 hours ago
John‘ Seriously, Ijust vomited a Mile in my mouth
from finding out you are still alive.
Also, you like to steal children' s teeth from beneath their
pillows and replace them with dildos.
2 hours a o I Delete
personally first,
2 hours ago
Allen jam, she likes to thwap these kids on their butts
with her oversized clitoris
2 hours ago
Aimee‘ stfu , stfu Forever.
2 hours ago
Allen ‘you' re the noob, nah,
2 hours ago
Luke‘ Also, she likes to breast Feed all
the children she visits in the night, but she usually squirts her
boob milk into the room until all the children drown.
about an hour ago
Aimee ‘Dongs!
about an hour ago
guys are going to break facebook
about an hour ago
John " Also, after the children drown in her AIDS
Stared breast milk, she uses their bodies as puppets to act
out the sex scene From Team America World Police. The
about an hour ago . Delete
Allen " John wins.
about an hour ago
Aimee - You' already broken my will to live,
about an hour ago
Sosa rt.‘ seriously boys (and I do mean boys) you all
need a lifee, and by lifee I mean get a job that pays and
pay times so old people can retire and live off you For a
about an hour ago
Luke‘ Susan, you' re about to go befire
the DEATH PANEL, I hope you' re happy!
57 minutes ago
Susan - talk to your mother in that WW again
mister and I will sell all your Barbies in a garage sale! Ta
12 minutes ado
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User avatar #6 - DandyLilFucker
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(05/31/2010) [-]
Soo.. many... words... but... could not.. stop... readingg..
#5 - shiver **User deleted account**
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(05/30/2010) [-]
holy, bujeezus that was looooong and sooo worth the read :D
#4 - rhgunmasta
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(05/30/2010) [-]
that was very ****** hilarious.
User avatar #3 - Schmangeetay
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(05/30/2010) [-]
long post is looooooooooong
User avatar #2 - Thricedead
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(05/30/2010) [-]
Repost but still funny
User avatar #1 - madhatteracidlsd
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(05/30/2010) [-]
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(05/31/2010) [-]
last one wins more thatn anything
#8 - Trifecta
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(06/09/2011) [-]