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User avatar #1019 - redneckraider (08/09/2013) [-]
My faith in humanity is restored. This guy deserves a reward. The girl of my dreams, the one who I'm dating now hasn't had it so easy either. I won't tell the whole story, but when i first met her we became best friends. We talked all the time, on phone, in person, or facebook. We'd even sleep in the same bed, nothing would happen though. Over time we develop feelings for each other, got together, best relationship of my life. Anyways, A few months after that, she told me that before she met me, she was gonna end it all. Had the sleeping pills and everything, but she didn't because of me. That moment hit me with all kinds of feels, it was unreal. One of the very few times I've actually cried In my life. The feeling you get, knowing you turned a persons life around for the better, is a mysterious, but amazing feeling. Thank you, OP for sharing this story, as well.
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