Adventures of Finnigan and Nomwell Ep. 7. Finnigan and Nomwell talk about the stock market, home ownership, and exotic pets!. lli?, omegle Talk to strangers! ro
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Adventures of Finnigan and Nomwell Ep. 7

Finnigan and Nomwell talk about the stock market, home ownership, and exotic pets!

lli?, omegle Talk to strangers!
route watching two strangers discuss your question on Omeglol
Question to discuss:
act like english gentlemen discussing
whatever you want... your names are
Finnigan and Sir Samwell
Stranger 1: hmm
Strangers: its a marvelous day finnigan
Stranger 2: Good Day sir Nominal!
Stranger 2: Indeed it is
Stranger 1: how are you in this fine evening?
Stranger 2: Very well, thank you, and yourself?
Stranger 1: I' m feeling alright too, chap.
Stranger 2: Jolly good
Stranger 1 : would you like some tea?
Stranger 2: Don' t mind if I do
Stranger 1 : or a rare bottle of cheted L' Amour wine?
Stranger 2: Hamm, wine you be better in this hot day,
don' t you agree'?
Stranger 1: I could not agree more
Stranger 1: its not even noon yet
Stranger 1: so youarea...
Stranger 1 : would you like a drop of fresh milk '?
Stranger 2: Indeed, I would!
Stranger 1: hmm
Stranger 1: "clinging sound coming from the kitchen"
Stranger 1: here is youarea
Stranger 2: "takes tea* why thank you
Stranger 1: so what do u think or predict from the
outcome of stock market today?
Stranger 1: "you
Stranger 2: England is doing fine, I believe I' m going to
invest in the banks
Stranger 1 : yes my deposit unit at the gmod' fellas has
rocket boosted put of the price
Stranger 2: cm my I should really put some pounds
into that
Stranger 1: I think lam going to buy a new mansion in
the Fullerton heads
Stranger 2: cm I recently bought a mansion there,
beautiful place
Stranger 1 : oh you think so?
Stranger 1: I have been inforced that it rains quite
often in those hills
Stranger 2: Yes but I have an indoor pool so it doesn' t
bother me much
Stranger 1: hmm it means that we are going to share a
Stranger 2: Indeed, so howls your wife'?
Stranger 1: she is fine
Stranger 1: how' s your children?
Stranger 2: My son got into Harvard last month and my
daughter is doing well at Oxford
Stranger 1: I have heard that you just purchased little
cubs for Melinda how are they doing?
Stranger 2: They' re growing quite big, I hear you' re
planning a hunting trip to Africa soon
Stranger 1 : yes the idea of safari is quite exhilarating
Stranger 1: I am anxious about it
Stranger 2: Well I hope you get a lion, they make
excellent carpets
Stranger 1 : oh yes indeed
Stranger 1: I was planing on getting a tiger fora pet
Stranger 2: Marvelous, I hear William has captured a
few of those last year
Stranger 1: I have heard that they are quite loyal and
Stranger 2: Yes they are
Stranger 1 : oh!
Stranger 1 : the big Ben is about to hit ten hundred.
Stranger 1: I should be going or Miranda will be
worried about me
Stranger 2: cm, well, We shall meet again Sir Samwell,
fare well
Stranger 2 has disconnected
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Submitted: 08/05/2013
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