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After the Trial

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After the trial -
George ' s brother Robert spoke
out about life after the verdict.
It ain' t too pretty.
The family gets over 400 death threats per
minute on social media.
You don' t know if some one stops you in public and says, ‘excuse me
sir'', you don' t know if you dropped your wallet or if someone recognizes
you and wants to kill notthistime anyone goes out for an ything, we air
know about it if my phone died, my family wouid be in a panic that they
didn' t hear from me. it happened one time when my phone died and I fair
asleep. My family ready got wanted and immediately started looking for
the verdict, we an have the same concerns as before. We are all
concerned about our safety " said Zimmerman. But , the
family chooses to be constructive and stand together. Zimmerman said
their main focus is: 'Um we doing everything to stay shire at home, and if
any of us have to tears, are we doing everything we can to support each
other, "
Someone was very wry to me at a Starbucks. twee with an infant and
her mother white her husband buried the car around. Someone thought i
was George Zimmerman. f said, no, George is in Jail. The y started
saying, "we know yams Zimmerman; it' s right here on the receipt. . f
They pitied out their phones and started testing people and ceding
people, Someone finally noticed the receipt said Robert instead of
George, or it instead of G, and they said 'Oh, its not George
Zimmerman' and they air’ sewed down. Someone than said Yeah, but
you toot: We that Mother C" er and if you were anyone of the
Zimmerman' s we were going to take you outside and beat the sh’? out of
you' They were both Starbucks employees.
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