Adventures of Finnigan and Sir Nomwell. the second Adventure of Finnigan and Sir Nomwell... In this episode they have tea and a civil discussion. lli?, omegle T
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Adventures of Finnigan and Sir Nomwell

the second Adventure of Finnigan and Sir Nomwell... In this episode they have tea and a civil discussion

lli?, omegle Talk to strangers!
You' re watching two strangers discuss your question on Omeglol
Question to discuss:
act like english gentlemen discussing
whatever you choose... your names are
Finnigan and Sir Samwell
Stranger 1: Hallo Finnigan!
Stranger 1 : Top of the mornin' to ya!
you like a spot of tea?
Stranger 2: Elloh Sir Samwell, brilliant!
Stranger 2: I would love a spot a tea!
Stranger 1: Cine lump or two?
Stranger 2: Daly one.
Stranger 1: (Sway, Here you go!
Stranger 1: "GEE TEA'
Stranger 2: I have two on fridays only. Anything more
would be ridiculous!
Stranger 2: "takes tea*
Stranger 2: Why Thank you
Stranger 1: ‘Tours hot tea on finnegans faae* TAKE
Stranger 1: I' always hated you since elementary,
my dear finnegans..
Stranger 2: I suppose having tea with such a maze
was quite a bad ohohoh!
Stranger 2: But i should have known that seeing how
you have always never understood how to remove
your head from !
Stranger 1: "Hops in the TARDIS''' good day to you sir)
and may i never have to see you again!
Stranger 2: GODD DAY!
Stranger 1: By the way youarea was poisoned
Stranger 2: "chokes and starts laughing"
Stranger 1 : you' ll die in like 10 seconds
Stranger 2: You silly ninny.. i neverhood even a sip of
that quite horribly raunchy tea!
Stranger 1 : the tea on your hoe was poisoned , as
well, sir.
Stranger 1: it seeped into your pores.
Stranger 2: Well how even better. blow i may haunt you
on those quite eery dreary days!
Stranger 1 : are' you dead yet?
Stranger 2: *Laughs* clearly yourmominc was very off.
Stranger 1 : well i may as well kill you now if it is taking
this lonk "stabs"
Stranger 2: “shocked faae*
Stranger 2: You will forever regret this!
Stranger 2: *dies*
Stranger 1: i won' t have to see you in heaven because
i' m going to hell
Stranger 2: Toadies
Stranger 1: haha
Stranger 2: Seriously... the funniest conversation ive
had night
Stranger 1 : i wonder if this is the conversation the
question asker wanted
Stranger 2: Probably not haha
Stranger 1 : oh wait we' re not supposed to talk about
him... it will rip a hole in the fabric of the internet
Stranger 2: ..uhh okay
Stranger 1 : well... bye
Stranger 1: btw, i' m stave cartel
Stranger 1 has
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