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#111 - donkeybonerz
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FYI: Vav ( "ו") is the sixth letter in the Hebrew alphabet
and it's not how the number "6" is represented,
six is named in Hebrew Shesh ("שש").
and is written as the numeric number "6"
(Like every other number in the Hebrew Language and most western tounges).

Anyway letters in the bible does represent numbers
and that is what you witness in that table.

TL;DR Some JIDF Bullcrap
#137 to #111 - necrolich
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(08/05/2013) [-]
There is a form of old Hebrew mathematics called gematria. In this, a number is represented by its placement in the alphabet up to the 10th, and then is counted by 10s afterward. Ie: Aleph(first letter) means 1, Yud(10th letter) means 10. Chaf(11th letter) means 20.
They used it in the old testament to find deeper meaning in words.
Putting three vavs(6th letter) together actually does represent either 666 or 18(6+6+6) However there is nothing necessarily evil about the number 666 in the old testament so while this actually does hold some merit, its not groundbreaking or anything considering were mixing the ideology's of 2 religions here.

Source: I went to a religious private school 1st-12th grade