Malcolm Tucker comp. If you are reading this then you are a legend... nah, I'm only joking, you're a parasitical little cunt that I don't deserve to be around..

Malcolm Tucker comp

If you are reading this then you are a ******* legend... nah, I'm only joking, you're a parasitical little cunt that I don't deserve to be around.

Quotes by Malcolm Tucker
aka The ****** )
The Thick of it
In the Loop Put together by
Within your purview? Where do you think you are,
I in some fiucking regency costume drama?!
Ls, i This is a government department! Not a fiucking
T Jane fiucking A esten no veil
tr, uh, Allow me to pop a Jaunty little bonnet
on your purview and ram it up the ****** with
a lubricated horse cock! "
extra about as funny as a hund toddler
I' m not holding any longer what' s he waiting far
a fiucking sex change? NO YOU RELAX!
Get me fiucking Brian! ff you don T get me t
fiucking Brian i’ m gonna come over there - _
and i’ m gonna lock you in a fiucking
Mutation tank and pump it full of
sewage until] you fiucking drown! " , i ",
Listen, if you are " stimate, V
or a prezz guy, **** off) _ 4
There is a difference between
allowing someone 's natural
pettishness to come through,
and fast exploiting it through
camera work here! You' re sticking
one tit moment on top of
another tit moment.
That wouldn 't happen in real We. "
EXCEPT Milli! **** Mill Ill]
He' s making Paul Remington s" "
a Cabinet Minister. Tana.
Remand Remington. T bl
I mean the guy is an epic ******* . 1 I
God, right, okay, well, seen as you' re not used to this, I 'ff go through
it for you, okay? What happens at a press conference is this:
a bunch of press people are gonna appear, they got things called cameras
and microphones and mobile phones and hangovers and bad breath.
Then you are gonna walk out and you Te gonna read from what we call
a "prepared statement". In that you willowy "I 'm really ******* sorry
for sounding like a docker after twelve pints. I promise that
I will never call an girl a cunt again. Can we now fast draw a
line over this and ******* move on? Thank you". E veg/ body goes home
and then we wait and we see what happens. The best case is you get to
keep your /ob, although you will forever be known as
The Sweaty Woman of Whitehall. "
Want more of The ****** ? The more thumbs
these get the more l' ll make.
Plus, I might even make a
Jamie McDonald compilation
aka The Crossest Man In Scotland) but who knows...
******* AMATUER
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