(untitled). This was requested by an anon after i mentioned it.. So here goes nothing. Well my parents werent married when i was conceived, which was in a bathr
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This was requested by an anon after i mentioned it.. So here goes nothing.
Well my parents werent married when i was conceived, which was in a bathroom, so needless to say i wasnt planned.
Well my mom was a total bitch and started **** with my dad alot, and eventually he got tired of it and hit her back, which then my mom called the police and HE got in trouble, which ended up ******* his life up. But onwards, my mom was never good with jobs, so i lived with my grandma alot, so she was like my mom, i dont remember a whole lot past this except my life wasnt that great, eating ramen noodles for dinner every night. But I had the love of my grandma which kept my young heart going. Now a few years later, i was about 5, my mom started dating this guy (We'll call him joe). Joe was okay at first, he was nice and bought me things so i liked him. But then my mom decided that we were going to move to montana away from everyone, so we could live with my other grandma, which i thought was stupid.But we ended up doing it. So now im in a new town, we live in some really ghetto appartments, and i go to a really bad school/ In second grade i kept everything up, doing good in school and all that. But then i fell into the bad crowds, and my mom blamed my new stepdad, joe. So here comes the bad part, joe starts hitting me, and my mom, all this bad stuff, so i take it out at school and get in trouble. Then my mom blames it on him (again) and he gets mad and hits us more. Eventually my mom got the common sense to leave him, but nontheless i was scarred. So i have almost no recollection of my middle school days, and here i am in 8th grade. My past caught up to me, and the depression hit. It started last july, and i tried ODing. My mom found out, and didnt do anything. I was shocked.. So it continued to get worse and in december i tried to kill myself again, and yet again my mom didnt do anything.. And i started cutting (The all new fad only cool kids do) and she STILL didnt care. i tried, yet again, this april and she finally got me help, and i had to go to a mental hospital for two months, where i only got worse because of seperation issues. now im out, have a girlfriend and am (almost) starting to get my life on track. So i guess what i mean to say in all this, is that if there is anyone out there that feels like me, and youre at the end of their rope, dont worry, itll be fine someday. And if you need someone to talk to, PM me, im here for anyone. If I can overcome, you can to

So my lite story is going to be in the desc. it you
dont wanna see, then just skip
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User avatar #4 - breezysoundz (08/03/2013) [-]
Thanks for sharing, best of luck. Please do not try and rid yourself from this world, some people here need/want you
#2 - anonymous (08/03/2013) [+] (2 replies)
So you've had a lousy start , so do millions and millions of others . In reality , life begins when you leave the nest , and at that point you're the master of your destiny and you and you alone can and will decide the path you'll take through life . I hate people that dwell on how lousy their life was with their parents and blame them for their failures . You are the master of you , focus on where you want to be in a few years ( change doesn't happen overnight ) , set goals for yourself and work towards achieving them .
#3 to #2 - shadybatman (08/03/2013) [-]
Im not blaming my parents for my failures, im blaming my mother for not getting me help when i needed it.
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