Can't simmer the Zimmer. This isn't old yet, right?. File: 1373860_ -( KB, 452x323, ) How has George Zimmerman impacted your life? home from work ene night red
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Can't simmer the Zimmer

This isn't old yet, right?

File: 1373860_ -( KB, 452x323, )
How has George Zimmerman impacted your life?
home from work ene night
red light
B, . Knotice 3 "Cultured" individuals staring at me
id Moother of god please turn green
h“ 't' l 'LII. den' t want to run the light because I respect the law
negroids approach my car and she bangs w the window
of [( ] '? n IDS] other starts jumping w the heed and the third is trying to epin my deer
re all yelling something in their native tongue (l think it' s called ebonics}
Hellofa sudden I hear "Stop Wu ************* punks"
h thank god. It' s George Zimmerman
negroids leek scared because they rememberable he did to their
all pull out knives and charge Zimmerman
draws his legally concealed gun and sheets each ene in the chest. killing all 3
eta sudden a jury em veemon_ ene black. steps out from behind a building and they all say "Not guilty" in unison.
Camara and Don West descend from the heavens
stand next to George and all 3 ascend into the sky
hear a great voice in the sky say "You can' t simmering Zimmer"
kl sleep well that night
Thank you George
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Submitted: 08/02/2013
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#4 - chrisis (08/02/2013) [+] (1 reply)
#1 - yorker (08/02/2013) [-]
I was at the basketball courts when a wild pack of African-Americans approached. They then walked up to me, "Hey man, wanna-" I screamed and ran, trusting my instincts. They ran towards me.
"Yo, man, you alright?"
Oh, god, they were asking if I was alright. They then caught up to me. "Yo, dude, chill, chill, you alright?"
Well, I wasn't going to let them "Chill" me, not on my watch. I flicked on the Zimmer-signal, and my savior, the Latino Knight (As seen in 'The Latino Knight Rises) was there in an instant. He asked the three brown people what the problem was. They told him. He then scolded me for being a racist bastard, apologized to them, and calmed me down.
TL;DR Zimmie my savior.
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User avatar #2 - goobyman (08/02/2013) [-]
any1 have the template of 4chan walking past a black person who nicely greets them and then posts on 4chan on how a ****** almost killed them?
Would be appreciated, thanks.
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