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#43 - FightClub (08/02/2013) [-]
yeah, because all this "so much win" right here surely won't backfire if numerous people sit on each of the couches supported by ******* plastic crates.
User avatar #47 to #43 - darthblam (08/02/2013) [-]
If it's a full block underneath, like.. not just on the sides, there should be enough weight distributed throughout the boxes that it should be pretty good.
Not to mention those "plastic crates" look pretty thick and strong alone..
I'm going to say that this design is actually pretty solid.
Cheap, but solid.
#49 to #47 - FightClub (08/02/2013) [-]
get enough casual buffet-diners on one of those suspended by those crates and a catastrophe will surely ensue
#50 to #49 - darthblam (08/02/2013) [-]
Well yeah.. but that could be said for anything.

>Get enough 400lb people on that well-made set of wooden/steel benches, etc.
#51 to #50 - FightClub (08/02/2013) [-]
much lower chance of said catastrophe with such material
#52 to #51 - darthblam (08/02/2013) [-]
True, but my point is that everything has its limits... and it's kind of an unfair assumption to simply say the structure is flawed and then throw the worst possible scenario at it as its flaw.
Also, I see your Satan/demon grafics cat and raise you one Giygas-like grafics cat, you can not comprehend his attack.
#53 to #52 - FightClub (08/02/2013) [-]
it's still a pretty unreliable form of support, it won't sustain numerous people with average weights at average heights for too long without collapsing
i counter your giygas cat and play kratos cat
#54 to #53 - darthblam (08/02/2013) [-]
Yeah.. but honestly we have no way of finding out. For all we know he has wooden support beams built in under there.
But at this point I'm just commenting for the cats. Your Kratos cat can not defeat the nightmare Zalgo cat!
#55 to #54 - FightClub (08/02/2013) [-]
if a guy resorts to using ******* milk crates to suspend couches in his living room, odds are he isn't focused on a proper foundation
same, and your nightmare cat will never trounce my satan cat, bow before the dark feline
#56 to #55 - darthblam (08/02/2013) [-]
Never underestimate the focus and resourcefulness of a man low on cash.
Your Satan cat's power is neutralized by my Christ cat, lord and savior of his people.
#58 to #56 - FightClub (08/02/2013) [-]
he seems pretty american to me, so i doubt there's much resourcefulness at his disposal
my mario cat's super-jumping abilities dodges your jesus cat and strikes him from behind with a fireball
#59 to #58 - darthblam (08/02/2013) [-]
Ethnicity is irrelevant.. but I honestly saw him as a Canadian for some reason. Just a guess.
Link cat deflect's Mario cat's fireballs
#60 to #59 - FightClub (08/02/2013) [-]
canadians would probably use solidified maple syrup to support their structures, and it'd be even more reliable than ****** ol' milk crates
mr. t cat punches your link cat and exclaims "i pity the fool," utterly annihilating him into ashes
User avatar #63 to #60 - dedaluminus (08/02/2013) [-]
Four milk crates are sufficient to hold a mini cooper up. I know this because of my many shenanigans.
User avatar #70 to #66 - dedaluminus (08/02/2013) [-]
We had so many milk crates at the summer camp that I worked at. I love those things, they're amazing. With just milk crates, some staves, a few tarps, some stakes, and baling wire, I made a cabin out of milk crates (because I was tired of sleeping in a ******* tent.) I may have had to walk an extra fifteen minutes to my areas every morning because I had to build it where the campers couldn't see, but it was roomy, well insulated, waterproof, and pest proof. Did I mention the floor was also milk crates? And that I had a bed frame made of milk crates, and a dresser made of milk crates?
#72 to #70 - FightClub (08/02/2013) [-]
you seem to have some sort of affinity with milk crates, eh?
you seem to have some sort of affinity with milk crates, eh?
User avatar #76 to #72 - dedaluminus (08/02/2013) [-]
Well yeah. My milk crate house was amazing. I don't have pictures of it on this computer, but it was big enough for a twin mattress, a dresser, a sitting area (also made of milk-crates, with cushions on them) and a small solar panel to recharge phone and DS from. It was coated in tarps, so rain didn't get in, but it also had windows for ventilation and sunlight. The floor was milk crates, sealed with an army tarp, so pests didn't get in. On wednesdays, when the previous batch of campers had left and the next batch wasn't due til thursday, I'd start up the generator in my truck and fire up a TV, for movie watching and/or smash bros tournament. It was basically the staff lounge, but since I built it, I got to sleep there.
#62 to #60 - darthblam (08/02/2013) [-]
Considering milk crates aren't all the common around the U.S., at least as far as I know, this may be from a more European country. My guess is somewhere in one of the Scandinavian countries.
Scouter cat scans Mr. T cat, reading his power level as OVER 9000. He plans a strategy for the next move.
#65 to #62 - FightClub (08/02/2013) [-]
whatever **** it i don't even care anymore
luxury cat awaits your strategy whilst enjoying a crisp beverage with a side of biscuits
#67 to #65 - darthblam (08/02/2013) [-]
Rich 1920's banker cat smokes a cigar with Luxury cat as they both wait.
#68 to #67 - FightClub (08/02/2013) [-]
baby cat begins crying and agitates the extravagant cats enjoying leisure
#69 to #68 - darthblam (08/02/2013) [-]
Father cat soothes baby cat to quiet down to let the men enjoy their time.
#73 to #69 - FightClub (08/02/2013) [-]
yaranaika cat is pleased with the bonding of father cat and baby cat
#74 to #73 - darthblam (08/02/2013) [-]
Pizza cat offers his pizza, to end any further conflict. Scouter cat's strategy has been put into affect.
#75 to #74 - FightClub (08/02/2013) [-]
contemplating cat ponders on whether to accept the pizza-peace treaty or not
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