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#269 - kassdesu (08/02/2013) [-]
>be 17
>be working at local 7-11
> **** life, it's right down the street from a middle school
>everyday deal with little **** pre teens
>one little **** was the worst
>this particular **** thought he was a hardcore gangster
>every ******* day "sup, cracka ass loser" "working at 7-11, you fail"
>one day, a homeless man sets up a little spot out front
>oh **** here comes the little *****
>usual insults on me, but what they did next...
>out of nowhere the homeless man walks up to the *****
>unzips main ****** jacket
>gum, chips, and candy falls out of it
> mfw homeless man uses all his homeless strength and throws them all out in one toss
>mutters under his breath "don't come back"
>main **** is close to tears
>give the man my thanks as those would of come out of my pay
>talk to my boss about everything that happened
>boss gives him a job
That "homeless" man is currently the night manager and lives in a studio apartment.
User avatar #331 to #269 - Lintutu (08/02/2013) [-]
What a nice ending for the no-longer-homeless man
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