worth the read. this guy is a legend. Iorny I All categories a . Hush: e Jokes t Fl: -addled I Reechoed! t] uestion l . Resolved ' westren Show the another s I  epic
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worth the read

worth the read. this guy is a legend. Iorny I All categories a . Hush: e Jokes t Fl: -addled I Reechoed! t] uestion l . Resolved ' westren Show the another s I

this guy is a legend

Tags: epic
Iorny I All categories a . Hush: e Jokes t Fl: -addled I Reechoed! t] uestion
l . Resolved ' westren Show the another s
I themas anger management really work?
timer /
Farina When you have a really bed day, and you just newts
take d out on someone. and who it out on someone you knew. take I
out on someone you don‘: know
incas siting at my desk attest remembered a phone call rd manhatten
to male. Hound the rid and dialed it. A man answered- saying
Hello "
1 politely said. "Ilia is Chas- Count please speak with Robyn
a manic voice nut in my ear "Eat the right P" ina
number!“ and the phone was slammed has on .. I couldn' t Mien that
anyone could be so rude down Ram' s correct Heriberto
call her. Hound that I had transposed the last has
After hanging upwith her. I decided to :3 the Wasp‘ number
when the same guy ans the phone, I yelled. ‘You' re an asshole!"
and hung up hereto his more with the word ‘asshole we to
it, mad put it in skewer. Every couple wheedles. when I was
paying bills or had a really bad day. Id call him up and yell.
You' re an asshole!‘ It always cheered me up
when Caller ID was introduced- I thought my therapeutic asshole‘
calling would have to stop So, I called his number and said. "N,
this is Join Smith from the : Iria company. calm ta we if
new familiar saith our ID Progamer
He ylod “ND? and . dawn the shone. I quietly called turn back
and said. ‘That' s because you' re an asshole!‘ and hung up
the daal was at the store. getting ready to on into a permuting
Spot Some guy in a their BMW out are elf and poled into the spot I
had patiently waited for. I " the hem mad yelled thal Id been
trading/ rat spot. ignored nae. noticed a "For
Salas‘ an in his back window, so down his mew
A couple of days later. we an calling the has asshole (l had
his nuttier on speed dist} I thought that I' d better call the BAIN
asshole. too.
I said. "Is this the men with the black eds?‘
He said. “fee. it is " I asked- ‘Can you tel one when use see it?"
He seed. "Yes" litre at 34 EHW. it Ontario. " a yellow
house- and the can parked right out in Front."
I asked. ‘What' s your name?‘
He sad. My name is Elan Hanan."
i asked. "Wotm' s a good time to catch you Don?”
He said. Tm heme aready evening after fhm.'
I said, "Listen. Eton. carribean you sew?
He and Tea?‘
I said, “Don. yams an asshole!“
Then I hung up and added his lonlier to my speed dial, tea. Mmr, their
I had a problem. I had use assholes to call.
Than I came up with an idea. hailed asshole all
He said. "Hello "
I said. "We' re an asshole!’ (But ddidnt hang upa
He asked. "Are you Mill them?‘
He screamed. "Stop calling me,"
I said, who me'
his asked. Mm are you?"
I said. meow is '
He said. "Wah? do you lhm?" I said. “Mama. I has at its
Dawes BM., in Broads. a yellow house, I have is black Eleanor
parked in front."
He said. Tm earning utter right new Den. And you had better start
I said. "Yeah, in I' m may scared. asshole.‘ and my up
Then I called Asshole #2
I said, “eh. asshole."
1 said. "You' ll shat?’
Ha exclaimed. 'tn lock your "h'
answered. "Well, asshole. here' s you chaste. Tm senile was light
Than I hung up oiled the poles. saying that I tread
at its thatta Bhd., in (Mario- and that I was on my my order than
to an my gay Infor
Then I called Channel 9 News about the gang our going down in Delores
Bhd in Uremic
I quickly get. one my car and headed mute Chrissie. I get there
just in time to wide and assholes beating the ones out rd each other
in front of six cop cars. an neehs helicopter and surrounded
by a one use
Anger really does work.
3 years and Fa "port itsjust
nottrol'' chiang "
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You're an asshole!
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Oh my...